Fans of Jaclyn Hill have been waiting desperately through multiple delays for her collaborative eye shadow palette with Morphe. While there's still no word on when it will finally make its way into the world, those who are still waiting for it now have something else to look forward to.

In fact, the news we're about to tell you might make you forget the Morphe palette altogether.

Jaclyn Hill just revealed that she's working on her own makeup line.

As in, completely on her own and not in collaboration with another brand.

The announcement came after a fan on Twitter questioned the existence of a rumored Jaclyn Hill-brand makeup line.

And Hill's response confirmed that yes, the makeup line is real. AND, it's coming way sooner than anyone thought it could.

Naturally, Twitter freaked.

As to what this means for her Morphe palette, no one can know for sure.

As we've all learned this week, the world of beauty collaboration contracts can be a very messy one. If creating her own brand violated her contract with Morphe, it's possible that the palette will never see the light of day.

But until Morphe or Hill makes an official statement regarding the palette's release, we'll never know.

But one thing is for sure: Within the next year, we can all prepare for blinding highlights and bold smoky eyes a la Jaclyn Hill herself.

Can you even HANDLE what's on the horizon? Probably not.

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