When Jaclyn Hill announced that she was creating an eye shadow palette with Morphe, fans rejoiced — and eagerly counted down the days until March, which was when the hyped collab was supposed to launch. But the month came and went, with no palette to be seen.

Now, in April, the masses are left wondering, "where the hell IS this thing? Is the Jaclyn Hill palette coming out at all?"

According to Hill, it's still on the way. Just not right now.

Jaclyn took to Twitter this weekend to confirm that, rest assured, her Morphe palette *IS* still coming.


The production, however, is taking far longer than anticipated. According to her, Morphe is working to ensure that there are enough palettes to go around.

In fact, there's still so much work to be done that the collaboration doesn't even have a release date.

Her fans have been waiting patiently for months now, but there's no telling how much longer they'll last.

This all begs the question: Why promise a March release date if it wasn't a sure thing?

Although Jaclyn's answer to this question is, "because we thought we would be releasing in March," it might not be that simple.

Some theorize that the infamous cake incident is to blame.

As you know, a photo of a cake allegedly made for the palette's launch party kind-of-sort-of leaked the palette's shades before it was even officially announced. 

Some theorize that Hill and Morphe tried to capitalize on the massive hype generated by Cakegate by giving fans an absurdly accelerated launch date — but then realized you can't rush quality.

There's a plot hole in this story, though: Why was a cake being made, and why was a launch party being planned, if the palette wasn't even complete yet? Hmm...

Meanwhile, others are questioning how it was possible for the brand to release another new palette if Hill's has been taking so much time and effort.

And better yet, why isn't Hill's palette taking preference? You know, since it had already been announced and delayed by the time the new 35R came out.

And how there is still so much "quality control" to be done when the palette has supposedly been in the works for two whole years.

No doubt, it's amazing the the brand and Hill are SO dedicated to making a high-quality product. But this is a LOT.

Aside from the occasional tweet, Hill and Morphe have both been incredibly quiet about this, too.

Revelist has reached out to both parties for comment but has yet to hear back.

How much longer will her fans last? Only time will tell.

Don't keep us waiting, Jaclyn. We need this.

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