photo: Instagram/JaclynHill

This year hasn't been the kindest to Jaclyn Hill, but she's here to let us all know that she's still pushing. The YouTuber, whose self-titled brand launch came with more drama than we've ever seen, is finally breaking her silence, for good, on how she's getting her life back on track following Lipstick Gate. The video, which Hill has been teasing for days, is finally here to remind everyone out there to never give up. 

Ms. Hill may be back, everyone, and we're not too mad at it. 

Many of you have probably been wondering where Jaclyn Hill has been.

In the past four months following Lipstick Gate, the once constantly-posting YouTuber has only posted five videos to her profile. Two of those five were to address all the drama that came along with her disastrous Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics launch. 

But it looks like Jaclyn Hill might be out of hiding for good now. 

In a video posted yesterday, Hill revealed to fans that a lot has continued to change in her life. The most dramatic event was uprooting her Florida life and moving to Los Angeles indefinitely after a massive leak displaced her and her boyfriend — we're kind of freaking out considering how amazing that room tour was months ago. She promised her fans more content, was vulnerable, and overall seemed to be getting back into a good place. 

The response has been pretty positive thus far. 

"I swear my dog likes me. She was sleeping happily until 2 seconds before this photo. Thank you so much for all the love & support on today’s video. I love you guys so much & I’m so grateful for you! Life is insane but I’m embracing it!" she wrote on her Instagram following fan reactions after posting the video.  

But of course there were those who didn't take it so well. 

And after having enough, fellow YouTuber James Charles took to his own personal Twitter to defend her. "Y’all are so f*****g weird," he said. "An account and thread of people literally dedicated to hating Jaclyn Hill? The 'beauty' community continues to prove that it’s ironically the absolute ugliest place on social media."

But there was one part of the video that's really getting the most applause. 

After repeated attacks about her recent weight gain, Hill proudly showed off her stretch marks to the camera. "Thank you so much for all the love & support on my new video. Showing my new stretch marks on camera was not easy, but I have to take steps to love myself. And you guys are being so kind," she said. 

So what's next for Hill? While she didn't give away much, we're going to dare say that she's gearing up for round two of JHC, but this time, with a lot more success and a lot less drama.