Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lost favor with a number of customers upon the release of its first nude lipstick collection. The brand's launch was highly anticipated as Jaclyn Hill has been a popular beauty YouTuber for years. With the success of her first Morphe palette and around five years of teasing her official namesake brand, it's safe to say that fans had pretty high expectations. 

Unfortunately, fans blasted Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics for a number of issues including bad customer service, damaged lipsticks, and more. Now Hill has finally addressed the lipstick complaints. 

When Hill announced an official release date and debuted her first product packaging, she restored the faith that many fans had lost in her brand.

Now that the brand's first nude lipstick collection is on the market, multiple reports of broken or melted lipsticks have rolled in. Additionally, fans took issue with surprising international fees, the products not being available in countries they expected them to be in, shipping discrepancies, and other concerns about the product formula. They flooded her personal and beauty brand social media accounts with their complaints. Thankfully, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was pretty quick to apologize publicly on social media, although several fans noted they had sent multiple emails that went unanswered.

The backlash increased once beauty YouTuber Raw Beauty Kristi posted her in-depth review of the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks on social media.

"Filming my Jaclyn lipstick review I kinda thought that people were exaggerating a little and I fully expected to be like 'Nah, these are all perfect' but I’m kinda surprised tbh. I’m remaining fair & balanced but honest," Kristi posted to her Twitter page to preface her YouTube review.

Per this message, Raw Beauty Kristi obviously sees validity in the negative reviews the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks have gotten from customers. 

Then, Raw Beauty Kristi shared this image of her Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks. 

Many die-hard Jaclyn Hill fans have labeled the backlash she's received as a witch hunt, but it's looking like that's not the case. Per the many complaints with photos to back them up, it looks like Jaclyn Hill has some quality-control issues on her hands.

"All I can say is WTF is this?" Raw Beauty Kristi wrote on Twitter with a photo of what appears to be tiny hairs all over her untouched lipstick. "This is NOT the only one either," she shared with a fan in a separate tweet. 


Jaclyn Hill addressed this specific lipstick issue head-on.

Jaclyn Hill's explanation for the hair-like fibers on the lipsticks seems viable.

"If any of you are receiving lipsticks like this.... please know that this is NOT hair," Hill wrote on Twitter. "My factory used brand new white gloves to do quality control & they shed all over my product! We switched to rubber gloves 2 days ago & will make sure this never happens again." 

A fan expressed her disappointment and uncertainty about her newly purchased lipsticks.

"Two out of four of my lipsticks had these fibers... They are all gritty now, the more I've used them," a fan wrote directly to Hill. "I'm so so, so sad. I was so in love with Isla. I wanted to use it forever because it was my exact lip shade but better. Now I don't know if they are safe to use."

Hill responded and confirmed her lipsticks are safe.

Hill seems really adamant about making things right for people spending money on her brand.

"They are 100% safe [and] made in one of the best labs in the USA," Hill wrote back to comfort the shopper. "This is embarrassing & infuriating that you’re experiencing this. Email help@jaclyncosmetics.com & I’ll give you a refund and replace them for you." 

Hill also thanked everyone for their feedback.

"I want to thank you all for the unbiased feedback on my lipstick collection. The good, the bad & the ugly," she shared on Twitter. "Every comment or concern that has been brought to my attention has not been taken lightly. My team and I are working nonstop to address any & all issues you may be having."

She also delivered a pretty classy apology. 

Be mad about the lipsticks, but Hill now seems to be taking all of the negativity in humble stride. 

"I’m so sorry if the product you received was anything less than perfect," Hill wrote to her supporters. "If you are unsatisfied in ANY way please contact help@jaclyncosmetics.com & we will be sure to give you a full refund as well as send you a new product."

Additionally, Hill wants critics and fans alike to know that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is still going to push through.

"I stand behind my brand & will do whatever it takes to make sure my customers are satisfied. I am so grateful for your constant love & support & patience that [you] have given me," she wrote. 

Hey, what more can you really ask of her? The lipsticks' first release kind of bombed in reviews and she was clearly unhappy about it based on her snippy initial response. Now Hill seems to prefer the humble approach.

She also directly addressed other fans' complaints about their lipsticks outside of the mysterious fiber incident with Raw Beauty Kristi.

"My team and I are working very hard on finding out EXACTLY what is causing the grittiness & bumpy texture on some of my lipsticks," she explained. "I am so sorry to see some of you dissatisfied with my product. I will make it right for you & learn from this mistake! That’s a promise."

Lastly, Hill made sure to apologize for the mean-girl reaction she had toward a follower who complained about her lipsticks earlier.

Hill's original tweet has been deleted, although you can bet there's a screenshot floating around somewhere in the depths of the internet. Per her fans' Twitter discussions, the gist of her exchange is that her customer complained about the texture of the lipstick, and she retorted with a snide comment suggesting that the young woman exfoliate. Which... ouch? 

Now Hill has fallen on her sword. "... I have apologized to the first girl who tweeted me about her lipstick not being perfect," she wrote on Twitter. "I reacted very unprofessionally & that’s never my intention. I always want you guys to be comfortable sharing your concerns with me."

Let's hope Hill can get her brand and its reputation on track so that all goes well with Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics moving forward.