Jaclyn Hill on Twitter
photo: Instagram/JaclynHill

It's been more than two months since Lipstick-Gate, and still, Jaclyn Hill is finding herself facing criticism. After making her return to Twitter yesterday, she's become the center of more social media backlash after fans discovered that she had blocked just about everybody who's ever tweeted something negative about her lipstick. The situation is bringing her professionalism into question yet again, and has people wondering if she'll ever take accountability for her actions. 

Check it out. 

Jaclyn Hill is slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things.

From big 29th birthday parties to making her return to YouTube and Instagram, the beauty influencer is inching her way closer and closer back to the way things used to be following Lipstick-Gate, or at least, that's what she'd like to do.

She finished off her social media hiatus completely yesterday when she made her return to Twitter. 

"Hi babies," she simply wrote to fans from her Twitter page, which hasn't been active in almost two months. However, that's not all she said. 

While she didn't tweet much, or engage with many fans, she did take time to address a troll.

After a page posted a side by side poking fun at her weight, she responded with a strong message. "I know that I’m supposed to be this ultra-tough human because I’m on social media. But seriously guys, some of you are so harsh and SO mean to one another it’s hurtful. Watching the way you speak to each other & to me is shocking every day," she said.

And while many fans hoped to come to her defense, a lot of them began to notice that they were...blocked.

Yep, blocked. Hill returned to Twitter and seemed to block everyone who had wrote something negative about her lipsticks. "Social media personality @jaclynhill returns to Twitter but rather than addressing people asking about refunds & test results they’re being blocked. There are people who have yet to get a refund from @jaclyncosmetics! Where are the refunds?!" someone asked. 

Needless to say, the backlash was anything but positive.

Just when Hill thought she was finally in the clear and could return to her pages with no pushback, this happened. "So you’re way of handling things is to just straight up BLOCK people?! How about how hurtful this was to your fans that have stood by you for years despite the other issues??? You’re seriously being unprofessional with this," someone critiqued.

The attacks against her as a business woman and as someone unwilling to address her business drama persisted.

"Welp guess what happens when you ask for a refund from Jaclyn Hill herself? #blocked #jaclynhill What a CEO! What a brand owner! @butterfliezombz thank you for your support and showing she came to twitter to block her customers and anyone who shows her accountability," someone said after asking for a refund and getting blocked.

And it appears that those who had no criticism were allowed to stay on Hill's now exclusive followers list.

"@Jaclynhill coming back to Twitter is my whole weeks, actually rest of the year highlight! I love you so so much! I hope this is a new clean beginning for you. Don’t forget god loves you and have great things for you," a happy fan remarked. 
And while we're all for protecting peace, one thing is for sure: Hill is going to have to take more accountability before she can earn back the support of her fans.