James Charles Charli D'Amelio
photo: YouTube/James Charles

Whether you've ever scrolled through a TikTok feed or seen those 60-second videos on another social media platform, chances are you've seen a dance created by Charli D'Amelio. The teenage sensation, who's responsible for Doja Cat's viral "Say So" dance, is a Gen-Z boogie machine with an energetic personality to match. And now she's proving herself a beauty babe, sitting in James Charles' chair and getting beautified with a rainbow eye. 

Ahead, check out the fun tutorial that you can add to your growing watchlist.

Providing everyone with another dose of social distancing YouTube content, James Charles and Charli D'Amelio just collaborated for a colorful makeup tutorial.

The famed TikToker, who just celebrated the 40 million follower milestone on the platform, and the beauty boy came together for a makeup tutorial that's just as colorful as their personalities. And while D'Amelio didn't do any of the beautifying, her true talent is being the dancing queen, and her personality was present throughout!

The reaction is exactly what everyone would expect.

"Holy moly donut shop #1 and #3 trending on youtube @jamescharles," D'Amelio tweeted after the video quickly climbed to the top of the YouTube charts. But come on, when you combine one of TikTok's most popular and one of YouTube's top-subscribed, millions and millions of viewers is no surprise.

It's carrying many through these gloomy times.

"I just watched James Charles do Charli D’Amelio’s makeup and it’s getting me through quarantine," someone wrote about the video getting them through their boredom. It's 20 minutes of fun and makeup that results in a rainbow eye that's to die for.

Even Jeffree Star liked it.

So does this mean that Charles and Star are friends again? After dramageddon, we were pretty sure that the two were donezo. Hey, maybe it's just Star being nice (rare). "Umm you look SO gorgeous!!!" Star tweeted. "James killed it per usual." Let's see how this all plays out. 

So check it out. 

We all have a little extra time on our hands, so why not watch makeup tutorials, brush up on our skills, then hop over to D'Amelio's TikTok for some fun choreography? "Don’t be shy, put some more!" Charles posted to Instagram. "Check out my new video with @charlidamelio, live now!"