James Charles is 100% not feeling the drama channels on YouTube, and we can assume he's especially irritated by the ones that solely focus on the beauty community. He's so beside himself over drama channels that he made a pretty strong statement about what he thinks their future should be. In short, Charles seems to believe that YouTube should ban them altogether. The people who create the drama YouTube channels are dragging him from one side of the internet to the other for making such a strong statement, which many of them deem hypocritical, given his past.

But does Charles have a point?

Watch James Charles speak his feelings about YouTube drama channels. 

Charles was involved in a roundtable discussion about drama YouTube channels and it's important to say that everyone at the table shared their opinion. Of course, Charles was there to share his as well. 

"We should keep this question short and sweet because the more people talk about them, the more attention that they get. I think the majority of them are absolutely awful. I think they should all be deleted," Charles stated.

"I believe in freedom of speech, for sure. It's never news. It's always based on assumptions," Charles continued.

"There are some that literally upload stories of something within minutes of it even happening. Like, did you even do research? Did you even look at all sides of the situation? Did you even think about this or did you literally just upload this because you know that the title is gonna get views? It's always the latter," Charles explained.

He also noted that he has "every single channel blocked" on YouTube.

Charles' comments have drama channel YouTubers calling him out in DROVES.

It seems that the overwhelming issue that the people behind the drama YouTube channels have with Charles is that he's fed into drama for much of his career. Meanwhile, Charles seemingly hates the YouTube channels that participate in the publicized spectacles in their own way. They also think he has gotten way too involved with drama channels to have a legitimate desire to want them deleted.

"Lol James Charles thinks all drama channels are awful and we should be deleted, but wasn't he sliding into drama channel DMs to try and get them to manipulate the narrative in his favor a few months ago?" Tea By Ali tweeted.

Nick Snider of The Viewer's Voice channel also called James Charles out for allegedly not being truthful about having all drama channels blocked.

"Oh @jamescharles, it’s funny you would answer this question with your 'friends.' True tea is that you don’t like drama channels but you’re always in our DMs spinning your side of the story...You also don’t have all of us blocked. You constantly comment under my videos."


One beauty fan thinks Charles is simply coming from a place of entitlement and arrogance.

The critic also thinks Charles simply doesn't like having opposition. "These privileged YouTubers have so much hate against these commentary/drama channels because they’re outspoken. These YouTubers like James Charles don't like the fact that people disagree and make videos making points and arguments as to why they disagree with a person," the critic wrote. 

Could it be bigger than this?

Drama channel YouTuber Ashlye Kyle believes that multiple channels have tried to have positive interactions with Charles. 

"James Charles: AlL dRaMa ChAnNeLs ShOuLd Be DeLeTeD," she mocked. "Also James Charles in our DMs: 'This is my side of the story.'" Kyle also tweeted direction to Charles, writing. "We’ve all tried to be fair with you, @jamescharles. I know I have defended you at times. As well as been critical. We’re only convenient when you need us."

Drama channel YouTuber Angelika Oles believes Charles needs to hold himself more accountable.

"So James Charles hates all drama channels and wants them deleted but the main reason why he is where he is is drama. Jump off your high horse. You’re worse than all of us combined," Oles wrote. 

It must be acknowledged that many of the headlines surrounding James Charles are less about his makeup skills and products and more about the controversy he has been involved in. Meanwhile, the only major makeup product we've seen Charles release is The James Charles Palette ($39, Morphe), although we can leave room for the fact that maybe he doesn't want his position in the beauty community to be about releasing makeup products. 

One person also tweeted about Charles picking and choosing when to dislike drama channels. 

"James Charles made some waves when he said all drama channels are awful [and] should be deleted. My research shows that might not be the case since he's still following a certain drama channel still. Hmmm," the person wrote. 

The channel that James Charles still followed at the time of these screenshots is Here for the Tea. Although James Charles may have meant that he has the drama channels blocked on YouTube only, him following Here for the Tea on Twitter does suggest that he has some preferred drama YouTube channels. 

Drama YouTuber Sebastian Williams also disagreed with James Charles, but he did have a more sympathetic reaction to Charles expressing his feelings.

"James Charles blocked me but I’m down to talk and show him that not all drama channels are evil," Williams tweeted. "I’ve made SO many videos supporting him because I believed he was right. I also made videos that didn’t show him in such a positive light so i understand, but we’re not evil...."

Who knows if Charles would ever be down to talk with Williams. However, if they did, don't be surprised if the discussion ends up on Charles' channel, Williams' channel, or BOTH. Hey, content is content and that's how YouTubers pay their bills.

It appears that some accountability should be maintained on both ends.

Remember that fun "nuance" word we dealt with a while back? It applies here because this is a nuanced situation, which means there are multiple factors at play that do not contradict one another. It's true that some drama channels could do a better job about what they cover and how they cover it. I've certainly seen some subjects shared in drama videos that have taken things entirely too far without any hardcore proof (which is actually illegal). It's also true that Charles has contributed to the cycle of drama by being involved in it and communicating with drama channels concerning it. 

It's come to a point where both sides should agree to just do better moving forward. Let's all hope for a more positive climate in the beauty community going forward.