James Charles, love him or not, is a master of disguise. He can go from fresh-faced beauty boy to full-blown drag diva with a little makeup and a wig, and that's how you know that his skills are on par with the professionals'.

A dude on Twitter who clearly has some insecurity issues about his masculinity didn't pick up on this, and freaked out once he realized he'd publicly stated he might like to have sex with Charles donned in a pink wig.

He took back this sentiment immediately and allegedly stated that Charles should be jailed for fraud — FRAUD. But karma is swift, and now the internet is having a great laugh at the guy who claims to be a "victim" of Charles' gender-bending trickery.

This is James Charles.

With his mile-high hair and signature freckles, brows, and smoky eye, he's one of the easiest beauty influencers to identify.

This is James Charles in a wig. They look like two completely different humans, right?

This is what I mean when I said that James Charles is truly a master of disguise.

According to Twitter account @PopAlarms, some guy really couldn't see the similarities between the two.

Shit got really, really messy thereafter.

After Charles posted a photo of himself baking, a Twitter user who hasn't been identified yet called him an "absolute wanker" simply for ... existing.

"Nothing more to it," he wrote. "What a f*cking wanker. AF." 

I'm going to ignore the fact that he used "AF" in a way that doesn't even make sense and focus more on the fact that he can't handle seeing men in makeup in 2019. He knows they're not going anywhere, right?

The same dude allegedly said he'd have sex with Charles after seeing him in a pink wig, not realizing Charles was the same man in makeup he'd chastised before.

This guy's identity and his tweets, I should clarify, are hard to confirm outside of these PopAlarms updates — the tweets in question have since been deleted, and his handle was not included in any of the screenshots.

PopAlarms also shared this note allegedly shared by the same guy, who claims to be a "victim of large scale deception and fraud" at the hands of James Charles.

"A man masquerading as a woman managed to fool me into stating I would shag him," he allegedly wrote. "This has shaken me to my core. Been feeling sick. Upset. Angry. Gutted."

"I now can't show my face in public without receiving comments and speculation on my sexuality," he allegedly shared. "This has to stop. Immediately."

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"I would NEVER shag a bloke. Never."

Here's where it gets really good. "James Charles should be in prison for fraud. I am the victim of a hoax designed to bring my sexuality into question."

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"Anyone taking the piss out of me is getting reported to Twitter. No warnings. No second chances. This incident has left me scared to walk to women in case they are transgender. Sickening. I am the victim here."

I hate to break it to this guy, but everyone is taking the piss out of him on Twitter right now.

Even if these tweets are doctored, the homophobia and fragile masculinity displayed here is truly quite something.

Getting all riled up about people potentially thinking you might be gay (for being attracted to a person presenting as female, mind you) clearly shows you think much less of LGBTQ+ people than straight people.

To be blunt, Twitter thinks this mystery man is just really, really stupid.

They can't stop laughing at how fragile this guy's ego is.

Why are straight dudes the way that they are, and how do we get them to stop talking?

But hey, maybe we can all use these fragile dudes' homophobia as a tool to keep them far, far away from us.

"Hold up... he’s scared to talk to women now??" one Twitter user wrote. "Ladies, we might be into something here."

Maybe we should be thanking Charles for inadvertently exposing these transphobic pieces of trash.

Now it's way easier to tell who we should be straight-up ignoring on our feeds.

TLDR: If you're too fragile to handle people even thinking you might be gay, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself.

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We're waving goodbye to toxic heterosexuality in 2019.