2017 has been the most dramatic year of all time in the beauty YouTube sphere. After witnessing vloggers front questionable brands, feud with one another, and saying some flat-out racist stuff, it feels like we've lived 10 lifetimes in drama alone.

But this particular stunt from James Charles tops everything.

James Charles is in big trouble after admitting he didn't like "It," the Stephen King horror movie that debuted late last week.

it 2017
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In a series of tweets, Charles expressed extreme disinterest in the movie... while STILL in the theater.

In another tweet, Charles admitted he was texting a friend throughout the entire film.

Then Charles got rightfully dragged by one of the film's stars, Finn Wolfhard, and things got intense from there.

"Why are you on your phone in the movie theater? Rule 1," he wrote.

Fans of the movie flooded Charles' mentions.

Mostly to tell him that he's wrong because "It" is a modern horror masterpiece.

And because, hello, using your phone in a movie theater is rude as hell.

Apparently, this all became too much, so Charles deleted his initial tweets and uploaded this apology.

But that clearly wasn't enough — Wolfhard's tweet went viral, and every pocket of the internet starting tweeting about Charles using his phone.

And days later, he's still defending himself.

The debacle has already made its way to YouTube's "drama channels," the internet equivalent of tabloids.

TLDR: James Charles became a national controversy for not liking a movie, and I can't decide if that's hilarious or unfathomably stupid.

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