Jeffree Star James Charles
photo: Instagram/JeffreeStar

Everybody has been adding their two cents to this massive James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama. Just a few days back Gabriel Zamora took to Snapchat to insult Westbrook, and following that Jeffree Star referred to Charles as a "predator." 

And although we knew it was a matter of time before Jeffree "I eat, sleep, and breathe drama" Star inserted himself in the feud, he should have thought twice about his own past before coming so hard on social media this time. 

People everywhere are wondering why Star, given his problematic history, hasn't been dismissed and canceled as quickly as Charles has, and one particular thread on Twitter is calling it all out.

It all started with one tweet. 

A Twitter user by the name of @LGMonster95, clearly perturbed by Star's comments about Charles, decided to compile and document moments from Star's extremely problematic history. There's even a video of Star doing the same thing he accused Charles of: sexual harassment. 

"[Here's] a thread exposing biggest makeup guru jeffree star for assaulting men, being a predator & problematic," the initial tweet read.

What followed was a thread documenting most (if not all) of the known circumstances of Star acting questionably or unacceptably.

The thread began with @LGMonster calling out Charles for sexual harassment. "There is a reason Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again," Star's now deleted tweet read. "There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society," he wrote, then deleted.

However, a dug-up tweet from late April proved that wrong: "Jeffree claiming NOW that they banned James from their house in early 2019 but his tweet from April & 'misses james return' A TRUE FRAUD," this user pointed out. 

It got graphic quickly. 

After Star referred to Charles as a "danger to society," video was found of him grabbing a man's genitals without permission (or even a warning). The victim, clearly covering his body, was unwelcoming to the touch. 

"James Charles is trash but this jeffree star is the WORST at the SAME age of james, jeffree is touching a straight mans genatils [sic] & laughing about it," read the next tweet in the thread. 

And it went from exposing his sexual assaults to trudging up the racism video that most people have seen by now.

"Jeffree making fun of Mexicans, chasing a black women & calling her N****R & calling back people APE. Yeah anyone would apologize for that when they get famous it's like saying white supremacist should be forgiven if they apologize," read the following tweet with videos of Star hurling racial slurs and abhorrent comments. 

This video has been circulating for years, and it's the main component of Star's controversial past. This is the video he apologized for in 2017.

Then there were those alleged text messages, in which he called Jackie Aina a "gorilla."

Though Star claimed at the time that the texts were doctored, based on previous behavior and his loud disdain for Aina they came as no surprise. 

"Everyone telling me that was his PAST he learned but do you know jeffree called a reffered to a black women Jackie as a 'gorilla' just a YEAR back. This man literally is RACIST to this day and we letting him get away," @LGMonster wrote.

It certainly painted Star as a hypocrite. 

As Star has noted in the past, his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt only dated women before meeting Star and does not identify as gay. That was ammunition for the rest of the thread. 

"Jeffree is a GAY but married to a straight guy. When you have BIG influencers openly going for straights aren't teenagers like James & others won't want the same for them. All his CAREER he joked about how he always fucks straight guys so isn't it wrong too like James case?" the thread author asked.

The thread then alluded to a time that Star poked fun at Rihanna's brutal physical abuse at the hands of Chris Brown. 

And this wasn't the first time he had spoken on Rihanna's abuse. In the song "Freaky Now" by the band Deuce&Truth featuring Star, his verse reads, "Pull my hair, scratch my back, beat me like Rihanna." So when he referenced being "beat like Rihanna" in a 2012 tweet, it also didn't come as a shock. 

"The worst one. Jeffree Star making fun of Rihanna being beaten up by Chris Brown. Totally DISGUSTING," @LGMonster wrote.

Then came an alleged and very graphic tweet about Justin Bieber, who was just 16 at the time this was reportedly written.

"Who else wonders how big @JustinBieber's d*ick is?" read the tweet about then 16-year-old Bieber.

"Jeffree star is a PEDOPHILE. Here's a TWEET of him talking bout justin's dick when Justin was 16. JEFFREE IS A PEDOPHILE," the thread chastised.

Then, in an insulting tweet about then President Barack Obama, Star brought up the fact that he was black but claimed the tweet had nothing to do with race. 

"It gets WORSE. Jeffree Star is litterly a white supremacist who hides behind his PR team he's deleting all the tweets. See this tweet about Obama," the thread continued.

But it didn't end there.

Other Twitter users chimed in to offer their two cents with their own receipts.

"Sorry to bother your thread but i would like to add: he also called jackie aina a rat, as in hood rat in 2017 because she wouldn’t support his products & there’s a song he has called 'straight boys' which is questionable af & he called shayla a c***/said he would beat her up," someone added to the thread. 

Whether all of the tweets in question are genuine or not (though quick Google searches and internet receipts prove that many are), one thing is very clear: Star has no room to take the high road when calling out Charles for his problematic behavior.