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Remember a few months ago when James Charles began teasing what we thought was an upcoming collaboration with Morphe Brushes?

Turns out that's exactly what it was! Both the brand and the YouTuber revealed this weekend that they've collaborated on not just one but two different collections together. And they'll both be available to the public extremely soon.

Sisters, this one's for you.

Yes, sisters. James Charles made an eye shadow palette with Morphe.

james charles morphe
photo: Instagam/jamescharles

And it's a rainbow of 39 shades that cover the entire color spectrum.

jamess charles morphe palette
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Pretty much everyone knows that he's been a major Morphe stan and affiliate for ages now, so this collaboration makes a whole lot of sense.

photo: Instagram/jamescharles

He's been secretly using the palette for months, but now it's finally been revealed to the world.

james charles
photo: Instagram/jamescharles

Seriously, pretty much any look he's done recently was done with his own palette.

james charles
photo: Instagram/jamescharles

He swatched every single shade on his YouTube channel, and there were so many, he had to call in reinforcements.

There, he also revealed that he's curated a 34-piece brush collection, which has just about every beauty application tool you'll ever need.

photo: YouTube/James Charles

The palette is already drawing comparisons to Morphe's bestselling Jaclyn Hill Palette.

photo: Instagram/morphebrushes

But if you observe the palettes' color schemes side-by-side, you'll see Charles' is far brighter and a little more metallic-heavy.

Hill's even tweeted how much she loves his "badass concept."

When are these bad boys available to buy? Next week.

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Charles says his collaboration hits the Morphe website and Morphe brick-and-mortar stores November 13.

It'll reportedly also be in Ulta stores November 16.

james charles
photo: Instagram/jamescharles

Could this collaboration be Charles' next step in beauty-world domination?

photo: Instagram/jamescharles