James Charles Morphe Palette
photo: Instagram/JamesCharles

If there's one thing that we can conclude from this week, it's that the aftermath of the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama is far from over. And with Charles' fate hanging in the balance, former fans are left to decide what to do with his best-selling Morphe palette

Some have resorted to completely disposing of the 39 shadows, others are smashing them to bits, and some, not ready to completely part with the palette, are transforming its packaging to erase any trace of the beauty YouTuber

Remember when Jeffree Star and James Charles jokingly destroyed that Morphe palette together? Oh, the irony.

In January, Charles made a guest appearance on then friend Jeffree Star's YouTube channel. It was there that the messy pair burned and destroyed a myriad of beauty products that they hated in 2018 in the most dramatic and unnecessary content ever created. More than 18 million viewers tuned in to watch the duo torch and smash palettes, lip sticks, body oils, and even expensive purses. 

Fast forward to now, and former James Charles fans are doing the exact same thing with his namesake Morphe eye palette. 

In a drastic turn of events, Charles now has the most-hated palette of 2019. 

"Smashed and burned my James Charles palette after watching Tati video because literally f*** that disgusting, ungrateful piece of s*** plus his palette was unpigment and had a s*** ton of fallout," a disappointed fan declared. 

However, in what became the #JamesCharlesIsCancelledParty on Twitter, others are keeping the palettes and expressing their anger for the YouTuber in another way. 

By completely redesigning the packaging to reflect anything but the likeness of Charles. 

One creative ex-fan transformed theirs into one that's Shrek-inspired. "Bought the palette a long time ago but after hearing what he did i became so sick of james charles so i changed my palette into shrek themed #jamescharlesiscancelledparty," she said. 

Some paid homage to music artists. 

Like this palette, which got a makeover inspired by Snoop Dogg.

"So instead of smashing my James Charles palette I've decided to do a lil DIY," another palette redecorator said. Twitter basically turned into an episode of HGTV thanks to some very creative former Charles fans.

Snoop got two shoutouts. 

Yet another changed the hood of their palette to a picture of Snoop Dogg. This one, however, was of him dressed as his white, blonde alter ego, Todd. 

"Instead of destroying the james charles palette i decided to make it better," the creator of the new iconic palette cover said. We must say, we do in fact like this one better. Iconic. 

The boy bands got love, too. 

If you're unfamiliar with BTS, they're the seven-member South Korean music sensation that are now taking over the United States (and James Charles palettes, evidently). 

"Instead of throwing my james charles palette in the trash i decided to customise it because bts have done more for the beauty community," a fan of the boy band said. 

And does this one look familiar?

As more and more joined the #JamesCharlesIsCancelledParty, the Tik Tok videos became more and more creative. 

Twitter artists took a trip down memory lane, creating new palette designs dedicated to the TV shows of our childhood, like Spongebob Squarepants. "My sister had a knockoff James Charles palette and it gave off bad vibes so...," a Patrick Star fan said, not to be confused with the other beauty YouTuber Patrick Starrr. 

And as expected... there's a Game of Thrones take.

The only thing being talked about as much as the James Charles palette on social media right now is Game of Thrones. So of course it was only a matter of time before the palettes were getting "fixed" with GOT decorations and characters. "So I fixed my James Charles palette," a fan of the hit TV show said. 

This drama has been an overflowing cup of the hottest tea possible. 

Just ask Kermit, who couldn't muster a bigger tea spill even if he wanted to. People put real time, effort, and supplies into ensuring that they were no longer reminded of Charles when they opened the 39-shade palette. Who knew Twitter had such artists? 

"Designed the James Charles palette #jamescharlesisoverparty," the creator of the Kermit cover said. 

And others used the opportunity to make a bolder statement. 

Charles' alleged predatory behavior is what really has people shook, so in the spirit of bringing about awareness about consent, someone created a hashtag.

"Gave my James Charles palette a makeover. Let’s spread beauty and positive messages one palette at a time. #fameisnotconsent," the new palette read. 

To see even more palette makeovers, tune into the #JamesCharlesIsCancelledParty hashtag.