James Charles Second Morphe Palette
photo: Instagram/James Charles

There's something about Morphe Cosmetics that influencers just can't seem to stay away from. The brand has made itself home to collaborations with YouTubers such as Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star, James Charles, and a slew of other (drama-ridden, admittedly) beauty powerhouses who are all fans of the affordable and fan-favorite makeup line. 

So it should really come as no surprise that there's a possible second collaboration with beauty boy James Charles on the horizon. Die-hard beauty investigators at Reddit think they've found proof of the upcoming launch and have solved the mystery of one of the biggest beauty scandals of all time.  

James Charles' palette with Morphe Cosmetics was a mega-success. 

The major launch marked one of Morphe's biggest eye shadow drops ever, with makeup lovers everywhere wiping out the release on digital shelves. The 39-shade palette has become so popular, in fact, that beauty bootleggers have made the product one of the most illegally duplicated palettes out there. 

But now, less than a year after the initial launch, Reddit thinks that there's another installment on the horizon. 

photo: Reddit

In a screenshot from a public import records website, Morphe investigators dug up what they think is proof of another James Charles collab. 

"James Charles releasing second palette with Morphe? Import records show 'Second Nature Artistry Palette.' Could be something else," the thread creator wrote.

The import archives are completely open for viewing, by the way.

"These are Morphe import records showing 'Second Nature Artistry Palette' being received on 06/23/19. I only have access to page 1 as the rest are behind a paywall. I automatically assume it's James Charles but could be someone else I'm not thinking of right at the moment. Wondering if anyone else has any ideas? Or possibly access to more of the import records?" the thread creator responded about being privy to the usually confidential information. 

However, not everyone is sold that this is concrete evidence. 

Another fan-favorite palette for Morphe is registered under the same name, raising doubts. 

"I’m pretty sure the 35O 2 is called the 'Second Nature' palette because the original 350 is the 'Nature Glow' palette; so it’s just a spin-off name," someone responded critically. 

"It's literally just the 350 2 palette, like it says. It's been around for like 2/3 years?" another said in agreement. 

Could it all just be another artistry palette like the ones Morphe regularly releases?

Commenters think it could just be another launch like the Such A Gem palette that was recently released.

"They have a whole line of artistry palettes now, it just started with the James Charles palette. They came out with a purple one recently, i believe?" someone commented.

But that's not all Redditors found. 

photo: Reddit

Is it true? Could Morphe be the factory that created the controversial Jaclyn Hill lipsticks?

"There was also records of 'the Jaclyn Hill primer' so, she's either doing another Collab or the information that suggests Morphe made/owns her products and brand is correct. Have to wait and see, if Jaclyn Cosmetics brings out a primer soon we'll know for sure Morphe was the one who made those lipsticks (for the vault collection IMO)," someone said after continuing to search the records page. 

Now this is juicy. 

So what's really going on? 

photo: Giphy

With this much confusion all throughout the beauty industry, we're really not sure what to believe. However, we'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for official announcements and more solid legal resources.