James Charles Rosa
photo: YouTube/James Charles

The world of TikTok is colliding with just about every other social media platform. You can't get far scrolling on Instagram or Twitter without coming across a viral TikTok video, and those most famous on the app are collaborating with YouTubers for the world to see. So when a viral favorite, Adam Rayokay, also known as Rosa, collaborated with James Charles, everyone was eager to see the beat. However, everyone wasn't so thrilled.

James Charles is on a TikTok collaboration roll!

Just days after posting a makeup collaboration with TikTok dancer Charli D'Amelio, James Charles is back with another one, this time with Adam Rayokay, also known as Rosa, the hilarious TikToker who leaves us in laughter with her quick wit, monotone voice, and insane contour.

And the result is a completely different look than we're used to with the TikTok funny woman.

Let's be real, a harsh sweep of contour and lashes that sit at the top of the lid isn't exactly the most glam look ever, but we love Rosa for it anyway. It seems like Rayokay was loving the look as much as we were. "DUDE, come here...," he captioned a photo of the final look. "I KNEW Rosa would look cute in full glam New video on @jamescharles channel #pincherosa."

The reaction, however, has been mixed.

Given Charles' sometimes controversial past, social media was pretty split on whether to jump for joy or comment in disgust. Needless to say, there were quite a few naysayers. "Damn it Rosa ... you went to the wrong side ...," one tweet with more than 150K likes read.

But Rayokay responded and said he wants nothing but positivity.

"I take SO MUCH pride in who I am and where I come from," Rayokay said. "I’m so f*cking happy I can represent my community all around the world to millions of people. If you don’t see the greatness in what I’ve been doing... idk what to tell u. Remain positive or leave."

For many, that wasn't enough. And while the love for Rosa hasn't changed, the hope for a different collab remains.

"You aren’t doing the community any favors by teaming up with an unapologetically racist and predatory influencer," someone wrote. "Coming from a city that is statistically ~80% racial minority you should want to avoid associating yourself with someone who has a reputation like James Charles." 

We're sure this won't be Rayokay's last collaboration, and we're looking forward to seeing who he chooses next.