We don't know about you, but we're sick of hearing about beauty YouTuber drama. Every week it's something new, and for the most part, it's the same people who find themselves the subject of conversation, both positive and negative. And if we haven't heard about him enough this year, James Charles is facing criticism after announcing the prices for his upcoming tour tickets. 

Seeing as the majority of his fan base is boys and girls under the age of 15, the recent announcements are causing people to ask if Charles is just downright greedy or if the prices are simply cost-effective. We'll let you be the judge, but just know that you won't catch us spending $500 of our hard-earned money to snap a quick photo.  

James Charles has been catching quite a lot of heat lately. 

From being exposed for Photoshopping his makeup looks to his recent beef with once friend Tati Westbrook to his apparent split with his infamous Sister Squad, Charles has been having quite a tumultuous 2019 that's been filled with drama and more chaos than any of us had asked for. But even more recently, he's catching heat for what people are saying are overpriced VIP tour tickets. 

The price tag for his VIP tour package has led to quite a bit of pause. 

Especially considering that his fan base mostly consists of young girls and boys who can't even legally work and make money for themselves if we're being literal here. For $500, Charles promises a meet and greet, photo ops, a gift bag, and a slew of other things that fans and critics have determined are not worth so much money. 

One fan noted that the tickets are even higher than Ariana Grande's tour tickets. "James Charles’ tour tickets are more expensive than Ariana’s...." 

And to add insult to injury, infants are not allowed without a full-price ticket. 

"No shade but is this legit? Infants need a ticket?" someone asked on Twitter. Jokes followed of people implying that they would wear large clothing in an effort to sneak in their little ones. And though a James Charles tour may not be the best place for such young fans, considering that parents will probably be escorting their children to the event, making infants an expense just seems thoughtless. 

So after once again being in the hot seat, Charles chose to clarify the prices. 

"UPDATED TICKET INFORMATION. Hopefully this answers a lot of questions, comments, and concerns. I am sorry that we disappointed many of you. We have worked very hard to put this tour together and want it to be accessible for everyone & an amazing experience no matter the ticket," he said alongside a photo of the complete price list. 

General admission is $52.50, regular VIP is $99, VIP Plus is $250, and Sister VIP is still $500. 

Initially, some thought he was going to lower the prices.

And while one would think that would make fans happy, others criticized that decision if it were to happen. "If you lower the ticket prices you know that just proves everyone’s point that you upcharged your fans knowing you could’ve charged less," this person wrote.

But it appears that Charles himself may have actually wanted the prices to be affordable.

"To clarify, i begged my team to change prices but because of contracts with the venues, it was not possible. instead, i made sure meet & greet was more accessible and ensured that the highest ticket was worth the price. i'm sorry i can't make everyone happy, i'm trying my best," he explained, blaming the larger, hence more expensive, locations. 

Regardless, the VIP tickets are flying off the digital shelves. 

"Almost all vip tickets are sold out across all venues," said Charles on Twitter. No word on exactly which VIP package he was referring to, however. 

Before you go to buy, if so inclined, be careful. 

According to Charles, some of the websites aren't fully updated yet. So it's best to refer to his official flyer to know what each package includes before making a decision. "Since we switched it yesterday, some of the venue websites don't have all have the updated ticket information listed but the VIP ticket DOES come with a meet and greet!!"

But regardless of there being other more feasible price options, people still aren't having it. 

"THIS is the problem I have with james charles selling $500 tickets when he knows he has a younger following. why is it fair for parents living on an average wage to fork out & subsequently go into debt so their 11 year old doesn’t feel disappointed about not getting to meet you?" asked someone.  

The reality is that for his young fans, the VIP price is admittedly high. 

"I don't think the GA ticket is expensive. And I think 99 is a good price for a VIP ticket. But 500 for a meet and greet, a goody bag no one asked for, and a CHANCE to be on stage is outrageous for a non-celebrity. Ariana grande, queen, Taylor swift, all cheaper," said one. 

But let's be real: There are parents out there willing to spend the dough to make their kid happy, so we don't foresee Charles making any more price changes. We'll see how this continues to play out.