James Charles Trinity The Tuck
photo: Instagram

With everyone having more free time than usual, social media beefs are expected. However, normally it's between people who actually seem to know each other, not strangers. And yet, James Charles seems to be feuding with a popular drag queen and not a soul can figure out why. It seems like both parties are confused, and now everyone who watched it is just as lost. 

What is happening here?

So good news, we guess. James Charles seemingly has not tested positive for COVID-19.

Instead, he took to Twitter to say he's tested positive for something else. "Tested positive for having a fat a**," he tweeted to fans. Not the most sensitive tweet given that the current pandemic is nothing to joke about, but hey.

But one famous drag queen, Trinity The Tuck, seemed to not be so convinced that Charles is working with a lot in the derrière department.

"Fat a**?" Trinity responded. "Girl who diagnosed you? Hellen Keller?"

The response seemed a little intense and had people wondering if the two have some kind of longstanding beef.

But Charles had a clapback.

"Damn, she must’ve mistook the lumpy silicone in your face as Braille instead of reading my actual test results," Charles responded. "My mistake.... speaking of mistakes, how’s your crown?" 

Things were surely getting spicy on the timeline.

Then the conversation seemed to take a vicious turn.

"Awe girl that’s cute. Keep reading doll," Trinity said. "I’m not the one who tried to break in people’s lines at drag con to meet u and ask if u can ship me free product (my tucking panty) for a like and a post. But girl do u! That ass sure looks........."


At that point, it seems that Charles was as confused as we were.

"Free? Where??" he asked. "You were one of my favorite queens & I was ready for a fun read back but this was weak." 

"I specifically remember u asking in person at the con but go off," Trinity responded.

So was Charles joking all along, then?

But after Charles dropped the receipts, it seems that maybe he was right.

"Nah, I needed it for Coachella & haven’t been to dragcon in over a year," Charles said. "If you’re gonna read me, at least come correct. Not sure why you’re taking this so seriously, I actually really enjoy your work and thought the initial tweet was playful! Wishing you the best."

The entire exchange has people confused. Do the two know each other? Was Trinity playing from jump? How did things escalate so fast? Clearly, we all need a little fresh air.