Last week, James Charles told fans that he had something groundbreaking coming. Of course, fans were skeptical, as Charles is notorious for building up anticipation for announcements that aren't always as grand as he makes them seem. However, it looks like this time he may have been telling the truth, as over the weekend he revealed something that nobody saw coming. 

Are you the next big beauty influencer?

Looks like it wasn't a new makeup palette or the Christmas album that James Charles was working on, folks. 

"ONE HOUR UNTIL THE BEAUTY COMMUNITY GETS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN...," he tweeted on Friday afternoon, teasing his highly anticipated announcement. Rumors swirled as people tried to figure out what the announcement could be. From new palettes to a Christmas album to another Sisters Tour, the guesses were endless.

In fact, it was news that Charles will be hosting YouTube's first beauty-influencer competition.

"VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOW LIVE!! This project has been a dream of mine for years & I can't believe it's happening. Do YOU Have What It Takes To Be An Influencer?" he asked, posting a YouTube video that revealed the new competition with a $50K prize. He let viewers know that the opportunity for submissions would be coming sooner than later and to gear up for their chance to shine. 

Charles says this has been his dream for years. 

"This show has been one of my biggest dreams since DAY 1. I've learned SO much over the past few years and have been so blessed to grow the platform I have, and now I CANNOT WAIT to pass along that knowledge and help a few deserving artists grow their platform, too," he wrote on Twitter about the chance to make another makeup lover's dreams come true.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

And Charles is extremely grateful to his fans for their support. "Dudes. I'm f*cking crying rn at the reaction to this. Thank you so f*cking much for believing in me and getting excited. I promise you guys are going to absolutely love this show," he wrote to fans. We have a strong feeling that the show is going to be a megahit. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can participate. 

Only budding influencers are allowed to enter the competition, Charles revealed. "So the requirement is technically to have an active YouTube channel. We really want to cast influencers who have proved they already want it, are dedicated, and are able to stay on a schedule of good content. The # is flexible," he wrote.