Jason Momoa Beard
photo: Getty Images

I'm not ashamed to say that I have serious affinity for beards. There's something so macho and alluring about heavy facial hair. And not to brag, but I was all about the beard gang before social media made it mainstream (I talked my high school boyfriend into growing one), so my love for the scruff runs deep. And that love may explain why I've always been so crazy about Jason Momoa, that big buff actor guy who plays every superhuman role ever. 

And while the long locks upon his perfectly sculpted face is what has drawn many admirers toward him, we are sad to announce that it is gone. Yep, that beard we've all fallen madly in love with is obsolete, and the stache went with it too. Find out why below.

If there's one thing Jason Momoa has become known for, it's his beard. 

The Hollywood heartthrob and Game Of Thrones alum and his notable beard have been melting hearts for years. Seven years to be exact. That's exactly how long it's been since he's revealed his naked face. He was into bears before beards were in, and we've been obsessing ever since. 

But those days have come to an end. At least for now. 

Baby face Momoa has made a comeback, and it's sent shockwaves through social media, and through our hearts. We're not sure how to react to the unexpected switch-up, especially because we can barely remember the last time Momoa had no facial hair donning his chiseled bone structure. 

But let's not freak out quite yet, he did it all for a good cause. 

"Goodbye Drogo," he said via his Instagram. “I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastics are killing our planet, and I think I have a solution. I don’t wanna bitch about it. It’s only one thing that can really help our planet and save our planet.” He urged fans to clean up the ocean and land by pledging to recycle and clean up our universe. The reactions on social media are hilarious, and Twitter has exploded. 

For many, it was a personal loss. 

"Jason Momoa has shaven off his beard. We’ve arrived at an interesting point in our relationship and would be extremely greatful if you could respect our privacy during this trying and emotional time. Tysm xx," one user wrote.

Others considered phoning the authorities. 

"At first I was devastated when I saw the headline, but then I saw the photo and

911: Hello 911, what's your emergency?

Me: *hyperventilating*

911: ... you saw the photo of Jason Momoa without a beard didn't you?"

And we know the Mueller report has been juicy, but there are real problems out here to tend to, people (kidding).

Aside from the political firestorm that's getting bigger as we speak, this can't be ignored. "I know the redacted Mueller Report is out today, but please don’t let that overshadow the news that Jason Momoa shaved his beard," this person posted.

Though we're quite emotional, there's no denying that Momoa deserves praise for this one. 

"Jason Momoa exclaimed while he shaved his beard off for a cause that is to help save and clean mother earth. Such a wonderful, wonderful human being," one user pointed out. 

Nonetheless, with so much to deal with in today's society, the loss of such luscious locks is proving to be a major blow. 

"Jason momoa shaved off his beard because you f**** don't know how to recycle and keep the planet clean. Can't believe i have to deal with a dying planet and now jason without a beard."

Baby face, say hi. 

"Jason Momoa has shaved his beard off. I can understand and believe in what he was saying about recycling and people dumping rubbish but the beard why!" this user lamented. "Some men really suit a good beard and he was one of them super sexy, hot stuff. Manly face gone, baby face hi."

Looks like two things are for sure: Jason Momoa is fine as heck, and loitering is damn bad. 

"Jason Momoa is the finest man I've ever seen in my life, and him shaving his beard will never change that."