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Whether you adore him, hate him, or really just don't know how you feel about Jeffree Star, you have to admit that when it comes to secrets and drama within the beauty industry, he's usually right.

For years he's been slyly referring to drama, secrets, and "dirt" he's been keeping secret about certain figures in the beauty industry — we assume he's referring specifically to a few different influencers — though he's sworn to remain tight-lipped on those matters until they come to light naturally and through other means.

This week is no different. If you like to stay in the know about blogger tea, prepare for a doozy at some point this year.

On May 6, Star tweeted this message that definitely made it sound like he's still keeping some secrets about other beauty influencers.

"Who else has a DRAFT folder full of tweet's they wish they could send out? I wanna keep it SO real sometimes about the behind the scenes in the beauty community...  but I'll let karma do its work like it always does," he wrote.

Naturally, everyone instantly demanded to know who was on his naughty list.

His twitter mentions were instantly flooded with references to Star "ending someone's career" and "letting the savage out." Despite his controversial past, you can't deny the internet does sure love to watch Star dangle above all the drama.

Many of the most-liked responses in Star's twitter thread suggest he's referring to James Charles.

"I see james cryin in a corner," reads this tweet. Another states, "I smell this is towards @jamescharles."

"*whispers* please be at James Charles... please be at James Charles," another user wrote. There are dozens of responses just like these.

And that's not such an off-base assumption, given Charles' internet presence as of late.

Int he past six months or so alone, he's been dragged for over-editing his own photos, using and spreading LGBTQ slang incorrectly, stealing his Met Gala red carpet look from Zoë Kravitz, and throwing fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook under the bus by promoting a brand in direct competition with hers.

Lest we forget that Charles and Star were actually friends — that is, until rumors started to fly last week that their friendship is now dunzo.

The pair have starred in videos on each other's channels as recently as four months ago, and for a time in 2018 were seen communicating publicly across social media platforms. But as of late, Star and Charles have both been tweeting about vague "truths" coming to light, which most take to mean that drama occurred and they are no longer in cahoots.

And the fact that all the way back in 2017, Star declared to the world via a quickly deleted Snapchat story that he has "dirt" on influencers who've turned their backs on him.

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That happened immediately after news that he and Nikkie Tutorials "broke up," and long before the Beauty Blogger Apocalypse of 2018. And though we sometimes have to question how much Star actually knows and what strings he is capable of pulling off-camera, all of these things when added up do seem to point to an approaching drama-fest.

Star followed up on his May 6 tweet with a vague promise of drama, which only fueled the frenzy.

"If you thought 2018 was crazy, get ready for the rest of 2019…," he wrote. And boy oh boy, that is saying a whole lot. Because 2018 basically broke every single remaining YouTuber friendship and put back together the ones broken in 2017. 

Last year brought the upheaval of old offensive posts by MannyMUA, Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragun, and Laura Lee after they actively threw shade at Star, who'd ceased friendships with all of them. 

If he's alluding to drama on an even bigger scale, we're positive he's serious when he says something very revealing is on the horizon.

And now, the internet is buckling their seatbelts and turning on their tea kettles for what's coming down the pike.

Fans of Star's are assuming a lot of these issues will come out during his investigative documentary of the beauty YouTube community, which he's making in tandem with fellow YouTuber and friend Shane Dawson (he's the one responsible for the documentary about Star that brought both positive and negative attention to the pair last year).

You know what they say: Another day on YouTube, another scandal.

At this rate — especially given how many people are constantly demanding the tea from Star on Twitter — influencers can't even capitalize on their actual beauty content anymore. Scandals are a dime a dozen, and they're basically the new makeup tutorial on YouTube.

Whatever ends up happening... we just hope it isn't too brutal or offensive.

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The number one thing we fail to forget amid most influencer scandals is that they're considered scandals because someone's been offended — and most of the time the drama surrounds something racially insensitive. 

People actually get their feelings (and careers) hurt in these massive unveilings of receipts. We just hope that this time around that doesn't need to happen en masse.