Shocker, folks! Jeffree Star is being called out again. This time, however, it's not for abhorrent comments about race or his general drama. Instead, it's for possibly lying about his alcohol use. The possible deception, which seems exceptionally silly considering that Star is well over 21, has many people confused. 

So what's the truth? Has Star lived a liquor-free life? Or is vodka secretly one of his closest friends? 

Jeffree Star has repeatedly and adamantly maintained that he's never had even a sip of alcohol. 

On more than one occasion, the YouTuber has claimed to have lived a life full of sobriety. In 2017, when revealing his "extreme" anti-aging routine, he claimed that his lack of use of the substance is one of the keys to looking youthful. "I have never tried alcohol before. I know that is going to seem shocking to some people," he said. 

Most believed him and some even thanked Star for speaking out against alcohol. 

"@JeffreeStar Thanks for speaking out against alcoholism! As someone with some family that struggled with alcohol, thank you!" someone wrote in support. Some fans even claim they reconsidered drinking after Star's claims. 

But it's proving to all possibly be a lie. 

The Twitterverse has unearthed old tweets that seem to completely disprove Star. There are tweets that include him alluding to drinking vodka in the morning, mixing Swedish Fish with vodka, and watching movies ... while drinking vodka. There were even photos of Star appearing to take them to the head while in social settings. 

He's being called out heavy.

"@JeffreeStar how come you said you never tried alcohol when there are photos of you with bottles of vodka and tweets of you talking about vodka? What's the tea ma'am?" someone tweeted, asking for an explanation. Because let's be real here, he seems to have quite the affinity for vodka. 

Jeffree Star lying? What a shocker. 

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We highly doubt that Star will even address his critics, as he never really has after he's called out. And we don't anticipate an apology coming from this one either.