After messy friendship breakups with Kat Von D and Nikkie Tutorials, beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star is in a public spat with another member of his clique, Jaclyn Hill. 

Friendship over?

photo: Instagram/Jeffree Star

Hill is in embroiled in controversy this morning after she shared a Snapchat of beauty YouTuber Kathleen Fuentes (aka Kathleen Lights) using the word "nigga" while playing a video game. Fuentes allegedly told Hill not to post the video to Snapchat, but Hill claims she was drunk and didn't hear the request. 

In the midst of the Twitter explosion, Star threw gasoline on the fire.

While Hill and Fuentes were posting their apologies, Star questioned Hill's intentions.

Hill responded and Star chided her for @-ing him when he never mentioned her name.

Star deleted his initial tweet but Hill kept responding — though she later deleted her replies, too.

A mere two months ago Star was defending Hill on Snapchat after her Morphe palette received criticism.

Now the two are seemingly on the outs. Hopefully they can resolve the issue — beauty YouTube is reaching critical levels of drama and negativity lately. Let's bring it back to makeup.