It's a pretty solid assumption that Jeffree Star is having the biggest roller coaster ride of 2019 where his cosmetics brand is concerned. First, he dropped his Blue Blood collection, which became his biggest product reveal to date. Then Star revealed to his fans that one of his Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouses had been robbed of over $2 million worth of makeup! To make matters worse, one of the products stolen and sold on the black market turned out to be his unreleased concealer.

The last update Star gave was that a person involved had been thrown in jail and questioned. Other than that, things seemed to quiet down... until now! Jeffree Star fans discovered his makeup is being sold at a Burlington discount store and quickly let their fave know. As usual, Star revealed there was way more to the story than a marked-down lipstick.

A Jeffree Star fan thought she had struck gold when she discovered his lipsticks in her local Burlington store.

Scouring discount stores like Burlington, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls is what lots of beauty lovers do when they want to hunt down their favorite high-end brands at a lower price. To be fair, some of the makeup is legit. Any small thing can happen to makeup that affects the brand being able to sell it, and it doesn't always mean something is wrong with the actual product. Discount stores like that often buy items in bulk that brands no longer want to sell because of packaging errors or changes they want to make. 

Lots of brands are available at these stores, including Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, BH Cosmetics, and more. The thing is, bad makeup and even knockoffs can be found within the racks at those stores too. In January 2018, someone found knockoff Urban Decay products at a TJ Maxx. It's important to carefully check labels for expiration dates to make sure the makeup is still safe to use. You might even want to double-check with your favorite brand's customer service department to be sure the makeup is actually supposed to be available at the store. 

So while it's exciting to find your favorite brands at a discount price, it's worth it to verify that you're buying the right product.

Of course, Jeffree Star fans have no problem asking their fave directly! 

"A girl in a beauty group I belong to found this @JeffreeStar lipstick at Burlington!!! It looks real! Can we expect to see J at discount stores now?" a fan asked Star. 

It's a known thing that Jeffree Star Cosmetics are not typically sold at physical stores other than Morphe. It's understandable that fans spotted a Jeffree Star lipstick and wanted to know if the beauty mogul decided to switch up his makeup-selling game plan. 

But the answer is NOPE.

"That product is expired and sadly stolen," Jeffree Star confirmed to the fan. "Note the old style shade label on top. We had those in a destroy pile before they were taken. My lawyer is dealing with it and finding out how and why @burlington would ever allow this." 

Yes, Jeffree Star just discovered that even MORE of his makeup was stolen.

"B**** if dealing with stolen concealers and this whole thing couldn’t get any worse. Oh b****, it got worse," Star shared in his Instagram Stories. "A lot of you have been tweeting me and saying, ‘Girl, is your lipsticks at Burlington Coat Factory?’ and I’m like, ‘Excuse me?’ This is my first time seeing this. I’m a little horrified."

Star was grateful that his fans cared enough to ask him directly about the Burlington lipstick discovery.

Before Star saw the tweets from his fans, he had no idea that old lipsticks of his were even being sold at Burlington. It truly pays to have built up a fanbase that can communicate with you directly. 

"Thank you for bringing it to my attention love," he told the fan. Still, just because Star was calm about it with his fans doesn't mean Burlington is safe from his lawyered-up wrath. 

He took to his Instagram to explain exactly how he knows that the makeup being sold at Burlington was stolen from him and is expired. 

"There is a pile that is called the destroy destruction pile," Star explained. "When things are expired or things are bad and old, we put them in a pile, someone comes and takes them away, and they get incinerated… There’s millions of lipsticks sold each year. We had thousands of a few shades. Somehow, these m*****f****** lipsticks that were stolen from that pile are now in Burlington in some part of the world."

Yikes! And...ew!

Star also threw a little shade at beauty brands that sell makeup at discount stores like Burlington and confirmed that Jeffree Star Cosmetics is NOT one of them. 

"I’m so confused how any of this is happening. B****, this ain’t Marshalls and TJ Maxx," he explained. "My brand isn’t like not doing well so I gotta like sell some to someone else. B****, this is stolen items and they’re actually expired and not even good to use... B**** my brand is not discount. This is Jeffree Star." 

He also can't believe that Burlington would allow this to happen. 

"I really cannot believe someone tricked some executive at Burlington to take these off of their hands, write them a check, and then sell it," he said. 

"Liquid lips have a shelf life. It is way different than a stick lipstick b****. There is chemicals in there. And after a few years, they go bad."

This situation does make you wonder what the buying process is like for Burlington stores. Why didn't anyone check with the brand directly to make sure the sale was authorized? Are all makeup purchases done by Burlington buyers with such negligence that expiration dates can be overlooked?

Jeffree Star was near tears last week when he described being robbed of over $2 million worth of makeup. 

"This is the biggest hit as a brand. I am still shocked about the entire thing. So I am going to explain to you the details because this weekend, a photo popped up online," he said in his YouTube video. "When you watch footage of this stuff, it is so gut-wrenching to see people just take your sh** and put it in a truck and steal something that I have been working on for so long."

Now he's straight-up irritated and ready to go to war with anyone or anything threatening to mess with his beauty brand — including Burlington!

"Tomorrow morning, we are going to fully investigate this entire situation," he said on Instagram. "Burlington is about to get a hundred calls. This is exhausting. I’m like, 'How much more?'" 

Let's hope Burlington has really great apology skills. 

"How many lawsuits can I serve in 1 month? This is getting insane," he wrote on Twitter. Hmm... this leads us to wonder who else Jeffree Star is suing? He could mean people whom his legal team finds have been selling those stolen concealers. 

Just prepare for more tea from Jeffree Star about how the robbery and this new stolen makeup at Burlington all shake out in the end.

According to Jeffree Star's latest update on the robbery situation, four people have been arrested so far. He and his lawyers also plan to address Burlington, although we suspect that the FBI will be staying out of this one. Things could get messier before they get better. The stolen Jeffree Star makeup saga continues!