Just about the entire world knows that Jeffree Star can not go without his full-coverage foundation and concealer. Hell, he even coined the term "full-coverage queen."

So really, this news should come as no surprise.

Jeffree Star low-key just announced that he's working on his own concealer.

He confirmed it during a live stream with Manny Gutierrez when a fan asked what his favorite concealer is.

"Tarte Shape Tape concealer is my favorite concealer," Gutierrez says. "It's currently my number one."

"Currently, and then later this year it will be Jeffree Star Cosmetics concealer," Star continued.
"Dropping this fall... Hopefully the fall, don't clock me."

Shortly after that, he also dropped the f-word: foundation.

"Yes, foundation and concealer, my line is working on them," he says.

So there you have it: Jeffree Star Cosmetics is dropping a line of concealers later this year. And foundation could follow.

There isn't much else that can be confirmed about the product itself, but because it's Jeffree Star we're talking about here, it'll be potent as hell.

Also, Star does has the name Serving Face trademarked. There's a very good chance that's what it'll be called.

Don't think he forgot about that Skin Frost Pro Palette, either. Star says it should arrive some time after the summer season.

AND, according to the live stream, he's currently trying to lock down a formula for his own contour powder. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics family is about to get WAY bigger.

Basically, we're all about to get one step closer to achieving THIS complexion.

Don't lie, you're totally going to bathe in all of it. It's OK, we all will.

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