Another beautiful couple has parted ways. In a new video, Jeffree Star confirmed that he split with Nate Schwann. The couple dated for five years and recently moved into a new $14 million mansion together.

Rumors of Star and Schwann's breakup have bubbled over the past week or so, but in the video, Star explains that they broke up "a few weeks ago." Here's a dive into Star's heartbreaking video.

The video is titled "We broke up."

The 17-minute video begins with Star explaining that they "tried to film this 10 times." He's unusually candid in the video, with his Pomeranian dog family around for comfort. "We're a few weeks in of Nathan and I no longer being together. I don't know where to begin ... we did break up."

In the video, he starts to cry — it's a rare moment of emotion from the glam makeup superstar.

Star addressed his break from social media.

Star has been unusually quiet on social media, leading fans to speculate that something was amiss — especially after Schwann deleted his Instagram. Star also recently canceled his masterclass tour with MMMMitchell in Europe, citing "unforeseen circumstances."

"I've used a lot of this time of silence to try to heal," he said. "I know I've been radio silent on social media. I just want to say thank you to every single person who sent me well wishes, not knowing what was going on."

Star is working through it.

In a new Instagram post, Star wrote that "today was the first morning I didn't cry over the dog bowls when making their breakfast. Hi progress, how are ya?" Obviously there is no timetable in dealing with grief over a breakup, but Star seems to be feeling better, at least a little bit.

He also shared some emotions on an Instagram story.

In his Instagram Stories, Star said he's been "feeling like [he's] in a weird crazy daze." Anyone who's dealt with a serious breakup knows that feeling. But he decided to "get rid of that energy and start fresh" as he got glammed up for a photo shoot.