In a new video with fellow YouTuber Trisha Paytas, Star revealed that Taco Bell reached out to him a while back for a brand collaboration of some sort.

"I was going to do a collaboration with Taco Bell, I’m sure the world watching is not shocked, because I gave them so much clout with the Cinnabon Delights," he said. "Like [it was] actually a little phenomenon thing; [they] sold astronomical [amounts], and they couldn’t believe it."

"They reached out to me, and we were talking for a minute, but I am just too controversial. I run my mouth too much, and I’m just too honest."

"And I hate that 'you run your mouth too much' comment; I only stick up for myself. Sometimes I chime in when I see other people being hurt… If you see a friend getting knocked down sometimes you’re gonna fucking chime in. I want to help people, and I want to fucking just express my thoughts and keep it gangster online."

This lost collaboration likely would've been proposed back in summer 2016, when Star began including Taco Bell in his monthly favorites videos.

You know, also right around the time he had that very public breakup with Kat Von D, during which videos of him using racial slurs in the early '00s resurfaced.

jeffree star kat von d
photo: Getty Images

In the video with Paytas, he does reference an ex-best-friend" who "stabbed him in the back" publicly.

Makes you wonder what other kinds of collaborations Star's been denied due to his many, many other controversies...

See Star and Paytas talk controversy, sex, marriage, makeup, and more in the full video here:

Get yourself some Taco Bell and settle in — it's a doozy.

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