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For reasons unknown, Munoz has shared text messages from 2017 that he claims were from Star. He said they are proof that Star's racism is still alive and well — or at the very least, it was a solid month post-apology.

In the leaked messages, Star is allegedly documented asking Munoz, "Are you done posting that gorilla?" in reference to beauty YouTuber and known rival Jackie Aina. He also uses the N word.

photo: Instagram/Jackie Aina

Comparing a person to a monkey has been a method of discrimination against black people for a long, long time. Upon the development of Mendelian genetics in the early 1800s, it was suggested that Africans were evolutionarily closer to apes than Europeans.

photo: Giphy

And that, obviously, was nothing but a bunch of bullshit. Still, the theory lives on today thanks to comments like the one Star allegedly made.

Though some have called Munoz out for trying to get "clout" from leaking these supposed messages, it doesn't take away from Star's long history of inflammatory comments. 

photo: Instagram/Daved Munoz

Star and Aina have been known enemies since Aina publicly started calling Star out for his bad behavior in 2017. 

photo: Twitter/Jackie Aina

She publicly swore off Jeffree Star Cosmetics in an "anti-haul" video in 2017 and blocked him on Twitter. The two have been anything but chill ever since.

Aina isn't the only black beauty YouTuber whom Star's publicly had beef with, either. He once threatened to beat up MakeUpShayla on Twitter in 2016.

photo: Twitter/Jeffree Star

Do you see the same pattern we do here?

The texts have not been verified, and Star has not commented on them yet. But can you blame people for believing they're legit?

photo: Giphy

If you've forgiven Star for his faults of the past, this might be something to consider.