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Back to the present: Star, in a now-deleted tweet, called Aina an "irrelevant rat."

Additionally, he directly tweeted her, claimed she hadn't paid taxes in three years, and said she was getting married in December.

But Aina said Star's information was false. It most likely came from a fraudulent listing on wedding site The Knot.

Star said the reason he blocked Aina was a copyright claim she made against a smaller YouTuber earlier this year.

Naturally, Aina's fans — and the entirety of Black Twitter — swooped in to defend her. Many of them allegedly got blocked by Star in the process.

jeffree star jackie aina
photo: Twitter

These are the exact kinds of interactions that lead people to believe Star hasn't changed much since he made racist comments during his time on Myspace.

He's outwardly used the N-word, made 'joking' threats toward Black women, and dressed up as a Spice Girl for Halloween with a friend in blackface.

His past combined with his negative interactions are even getting other YouTubers in hot water.

This week, veteran beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook's fans expressed severe anger toward her because she collaborated with Star.

Although Star has already addressed his past on Twitter, he plans to do it once again in a video this week.

But in the meantime, Aina is standing her ground.

"Never forget that @JeffreeStar will call black women rats, uneducated, and broke when they do not worship him," Aina wrote. "Please research who you support in the beauty industry; there really is a lot of ugly you do not and probably won't see."

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