So, uh, something's going on with Jeffree Star, y'all — and it is NOT looking good for the rest of YouTube.

Star tweeted that he has unfollowed and blocked "all the fake pieces of shit in the YouTube community" who "pretend to like" him.

"Just did a social media PURGE and unfollowed / blocked all the fake pieces of shit in the beauty community," he wrote. "Surround yourself with good energy at all times, life isn’t worth wasting time on people who pretend to like you... It feels so good to mentally start a new chapter and remember what your goals are, what’s important... get back to your center."

He followed that up with this meme:

When his fans began trying to figure out who he was talking about, he took to Snapchat to "clarify."

"Take a step back and realize that if I have a real friendship with someone in real life, just like you guys, and you have problems with your best friends — not that I’m having problems with my best friends — but just any friendship in general, whether you’ve known someone for a few weeks or you met them for a few months, and you have issues with someone or you don’t fuck with someone’s attitude, or you find out who someone REALLY is — 'cause there’s a lot of snakes in this makeup community — it’s OK to unfollow people, it’s OK to not want to see their content. 

But the problem is a lot of people want to always know the drama; everyone feeds into negativity. And I’ve been definitely someone who has mixed myself into that shit … It’s OK, we all make mistakes. But just because I unfollowed someone doesn’t mean we have to go on a witch hunt ... Imagine having a falling out with someone you’ve known for six months and then it’s blasted all over your family’s Facebook or in your circle; it gets old — so imagine it getting amplified by millions of people. I don’t always want to address things or talk about why I don’t like someone, and I shouldn’t have to."

But it was too late — fans had already pointed out the YouTubers missing from Star's social media.

On Twitter and Instagram alike, Star is no longer following Jaclyn Hill...

Nikita Dragun...

And Gabriel Zamora, to name a few.

And they don't follow Star anymore, either. 

There's no way to confirm that Star unfollowed these people during his purge or if he's been unfollowed for a while — either way, now the internet knows whom Star still considers a friend.

Now, the YouTubers he unfollowed are tweeting some awfully suspicious shit.

Hill and Zamora both said they have "a lot to say."

jaclyn hill
photo: Twitter

But they're both staying silent on the matter.

Meanwhile, Dragun is retweeting Laura Lee, who alluded to friends who "don't support you."

But Star is also retweeting those same tweets from Lee. WHAT IS GOING ON.

Where is Manny Gutierrez in all of this? Staying out of it, apparently.

CLEARLY, something went down off camera. Will we ever truly know what that was? Only time will tell.

photo: Giphy

It really is, Kris.

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