By now, you already know there's no love lost between Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. The two have the biggest beauty feud in the history of makeup — and it's been bubbling for a full year.

Though the waters have certainly calmed since their friend-breakup occurred, the rivalry just won't die.

Jeffree Star recently appeared on fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson's podcast, and it was pretty much the wildest interview ever.

Star said he's been propositioned to film for PornHub, that Akon attempted to make him "the next Lady Gaga," and that he's had sexual relations with multiple rappers.

But there's one comment that stands out from the rest, and it came after Dawson asked about some of Star's tattoos.

"Kat Von D did most of my tattoos," Star said. "Even though me and that dumb whore aren't friends anymore, I still appreciate her artwork."

When co-host Jessie Buttafuoco asked Star if seeing his ex-friend's artwork on his own body every day was weird or hard, he said it wasn't.

It doesn't end there. Star continued by saying Kat "got jealous and weird and tried to backstab me in front of the internet and failed."

"I was basically her only friend that stayed through all the drama, all the exes, all the crazy fiances, all the TV drama, everything," he said. "And I got shit on at the end, and that's life. As soon as my company started to take off, she got weird, and I don't know why."

"But I love the artwork she's done on me. She's an amazing tattooer; horrible friend but a great artist."

"It's sad how it ended. But yeah, obviously every day I sit on the toilet or look in the mirror, I stare at her art, and it doesn't bother me."

This podcast was recorded in early June, so Star said these things weeks before his vow to quit being an online aggressor.

Does that validate his decison to call anyone, let alone an ex-friend, a "dumb whore" on a wildly popular podcast? Uh, no.

You can listen to the entire thing on Soundcloud, by the way.

The real question is: Will the world ever truly repair itself following the hurricane that was the Jeffree-Kat War of 2016?

So far, that answer seems to be no.

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