Kesha Jeffree Star beef
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Another one bites the dust. Another friend of Jeffree Star, that is. The problematic YouTuber has seemed to have lost another high-profile friend and the reason has everyone scratching their heads. Could it be true? Could Star really be petty enough to throw away his friendship with Kesha over a YouTube collab? Well it seems that way, and Kesha stans are publicly expressing their disgust. 

Check out all the mess ahead. 

Kesha and Jeffree Star seem to be longtime pals. 

At least for a while they were. That is, until recently, when Star appeared to delete his tweet in support of Kesha's latest business and completely unfollowed her on Twitter. Rumors swirled, and everyone wondered what could have possibly transpired. Of course, wondering minds immediately went to Kesha's new makeup brand Kesha Rose Beauty.

Fans think they they've unearthed the real reason. 

Much to the surprise of beauty lovers, James Charles teased a YouTube collaboration with the pop star this week on his Instagram story. The video is one that we anticipate will be full of her new beauty line. Could Kesha also be an upcoming guest judge on Charles' beauty YouTuber competition show?

In case you're confused as to why that would be so triggering to Star, during Dramageddon, he and Charles publicly fell out, checking off yet another YouTuber that Star found himself at odds with. 

Well, Twitter isn't pleased. 

As history has proven, Star's behavior toward friends of his enemies is notoriously dramatic. "First it was James. Now it’s @KeshaRose, wow …you really know how to piss off people. Hell you even lost Tati as a close friend. No wonder she didn’t send you PR. Because you completely throw people to the side when they choose someone over you," someone wrote. 

Star is even being described as a "disease."

"Jeffree star is honestly a disease," another disgusted with Star's behavior wrote. "Sis faked having receipts on the James Charles situation until he was cornered and decided to 'grow and move past it', but suddenly unfollows Kesha when she works with James for a Youtube video, not to mention his obvious racist past."

How old are we? 13?

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Let's be real here: Star has fallen out with just about everybody, making it almost impossible to not have interactions with some of his enemies. What happened to this new leaf he was trying to turn over? That one ended fast. We'll be tuned into the upcoming video.