Jeffree Star Lady Gaga
photo: Instagram/JeffreeStar

When it comes to beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, mess is never very far behind. So when he took to Twitter yesterday to express his concerns about Lady Gaga's Haus Labs launch, the response he got for tweeting his opinion was anything but positive. For the past 24 hours, Star has been dragged for what many are saying is unnecessary drama, and we have to admit we kind of agree. 

What do you think? Was Star being shady, or was he simply trying to lend advice to a performer he admires? 

As expected, fans want Jeffree Star to review Haus Labs, ASAP. 

But when he tweeted about Gaga's upcoming launch, some fans took his message as subtle shade. 

"Everyone keeps asking me to review Lady Gaga’s @hauslabs makeup!! It went on sale last night but they’re not shipping until September... Ummmm," he wrote. 

Many felt he simply wanted to start drama, as he's known for doing. 

With the platform Star has and the enormously drama-filled background, he should know better than anyone that his words should be chosen carefully. 

"Love u J but you have to stop doing 'drama' about everything. You are a BIG name in the beauty world, so every word u said it's taking a problematic in the media and beauty world. If u like the collection, buy the [redacted], and wait," a fan of both the YouTuber and Gaga said. 

Those excited for Haus Labs see no problem with the early preorder. 

"It’s pre-order today only due to her exclusive deal with Amazon prime. It’s a marketing move because today is prime day and there will be a lot of traffic on the Amazon site. As a businessman, you should understand this. The official launch and sale is not until September," someone stated about the business move. 

In fact, most of the commenters think that the preorder is a great way for Gaga to properly gauge potential sales. 

But that's not all: With the fast-moving nature of social media, it gives the launch extra time for any possible initial backlash to pass.

"Seems like a great way to judge how large of an initial batch they need to make while also building up hype for 'launch' while ALSO being able to wait months for any potential reviews to negatively affect their sales," a keen business-savvy follower asserted. 

But Star was quick to clarify his stance. 

"I know what a PRE-ORDER is.. I just don’t like launches where we customers have to wait several months, the product should be available immediately when you’re at that level of success but that’s just my opinion. Doesn’t mean I don’t love Gaga, take a deep breath!!!" he said, assuring followers that the tweet wasn't shade toward the singer. 

However, that didn't stop those who have purchased his very in-demand Jeffree Star Cosmetics products from calling him out for being a hypocrite. 

"I mean.... I love jeffree but I had to wait almost 2 months for my skin frost to ship because it was on back order and they had to make more....I ordered it on launch day," someone said. Oops, looks like Star should have thought a little more before tweeting. 

That wasn't all. 

"So then explain why some of your customers have to wait for 3/4/5 restocks before they can get their hands on some of your stuff? I’d rather do a a preorder and know I’m going to get something the day it comes out," another disappointed buyer said. 

Moral of the story, Star might be better off just saying nothing at all.