You've been waiting for them, and they're finally here — Jeffree Star has given us a first look at his brand new Lip Ammunition bullet lipsticks.

And they're pretty epic.

The solid lipsticks, says Jeffree, have been in the works for a while now. "In 2013 when I quit music and was going through my "What the fuck am I gonna do with my life" stage, I started to develop a stick lipstick with my lab." But the liquid lipstick formula was finished first, so he launched Lip Velours instead.

The Lip Ammunition line will launch with ten shades, all of which are vegan and cruelty-free, and have two separate formulas. Nine of the colors have a satin finish, and one has — hold on to your butts, everyone — a GLITTER finish.

Let's take a look at the entire Lip Ammunition line. Spoiler: it's REALLY pink.

The first shade of Lip Ammunition is Ex-Supermodel.

Jeffree describes this satin-finish lipstick as a nude-pink.

For it being a relatively light color, Star assures us that it has "one-swipe" coverage.

He promised his fans that these lipsticks would be richly pigmented, and it looks like it lives up to that hype.

And here's the shade, full face,

It looks like a very pale, cool pink. I feel like Nicki Minaj would be really into this shade.

The Next Lip Ammuntion shade is Celebrity Skin.

This is the bullet lipstick version of the bestselling Liquid Lip Velour shade of the same name.

It's a very warm-toned dark nude.

In this video it almost looks like it has a gray undertone, but I suspect that's the lighting.

Celebrity Skin = perfect for fall.

Baby Spice was inspired by Jeffree's life-long obsession with the Spice Girls.

It's a cool-toned medium pink, and is VERY '90s.

This is a very on-brand color.

People seem to be complaining about all the different shades of pink in this line, but come on. This is Jeffree Star; what were you expecting? Barfy browns?

Baby Spice looks like a great shade for anyone who is a little unsure about going fully neon, but still want the brightness of a bold pink.

Next is Beauty Pageant, and LOOK AT THAT GLITTER.

Inspired by Star's love of all things OTT glam, this is currently the only glitter shade in the Lip Ammunition line.

It's a little more sheer than the other shades, but the sparkle makes up for it.

Jeffree recommends wearing this OVER a matte liquid lipstick for the ultimate in Sparkle Motion.

Here's the shade glittering under an iPhone flashlight. YAAAAS.

Overall, Beauty Pageant is a really pretty, wearable sparkle lipstick.

No, those two things are not mutually exclusive.

The next color? Jeffree's Girl, a Barbie neon pink.

This is the CLASSIC Jeffree Star shade, which is why he named it after himself. It is "VERY neon, VERY bright."

The name was inspired by the Rick Springfield song, "Jesse's Girl."

Jeffree explains that his mom LOVED this song, and used to change the words to "Jeffree's girl." Aww.

This shade is BRIGHT, and not for the faint of heart.

I kind of want to see all these shades swatched next to one another — the lighting in the vid makes it a little difficult to tell the difference between colors.

The next Lip Ammunition shade is another pastel: Popsicle Dream.

It's a bright medium-lilac that's "not *too* lilac" — it's just right.

Again, this close-up shows how pigmented these lipstick really are.

Opaque pastels in one swipe? Yes please!

As with most of these shades, you've gotta be bold to rock this color. Because you'll definitely get attention.

And during fall, no less.

The next color — another pink — is Ice Cream Boulevard.

He describes this color as a neon pastel pink.

Once again, even though this shade is a pastel, it's opaque in one swipe.

But because Ice Cream Boulevard is so very pastel, Jeffree recommends exfoliating your lips really well before you wear it.

Dryness really has a way of showing up where light-toned lipsticks are involved — as every beauty-lover knows.

And here's Grandaddy Purp, an intense blue-purple shade.

And yes, the name was inspired by Star's favorite strain of cannabis.

"This color," says Jeffree. "You have to *really* work in to the skin until it's opaque."

The price we pay for dark lips, right everyone?

Purp is bright, gorgeous, and VERY unexpected.

In a world of berry lips and tasteful nudes, be a neon purple.

"These lipsticks are NOT kiss-proof," says Jeffree, who then immediately shows us how Grandaddy Purp wears

For a dark, satin lipstick, I gotta say, the transfer isn't as bas as I expected.

The ninth Lip Ammunition shade may look familiar — because it's the bullet version of Lip Velour shade Unicorn Blood.

It's Jeffree's bestselling liquid lip color of all time, so naturally it needed to be made into a bullet lipstick.

"This is the dark, rusty red that I am OBSESSED with," says Jeffree.

If you're nervous about some of the more out-there colors in the Lip Ammunition line, this a classic, '90s-influenced red that is perfect for the cooler weather.


Very into the red lips and the red smoky eye combo. ALL RED EVERYTHING 2K16.

The final shade in the line is Starfish, a hot coral.

As with many of these shades, this definitely leans more towards the pink side of the spectrum.

Once again, Starfish is BRIGHT.

Video cameras can't even accurately capture how bright it is.

And it has that signature Lip Ammunition satin finish.


All ten of the Lip Ammunition colors will be launching on September 30 at 10am PST.

They'll cost $18 each, and you can only get them at the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, and at Beautylish.

And here's the full swatch video, should you be so inclined to watch it.

Are you feeling these shades? Which is your favorite?

Let me know what's on your mind in the comments, or on Facebook.