Jeffree Star and Manny Gutierrez, beauty YouTube's most powerful dynamic duo, have been low-key feuding for months and actively denying their friendship ended. The last anyone heard, they experienced a "miscommunication" but were all good.

Clearly, things have changed.

On Sunday, Gutierrez tweeted about seeing "an old friend's" nude pictures, to which Star responded, "Isn't life a drag? He says hi!"

The old friend in question, as discovered by fans who did some deep diving on Tumblr, is supposedly Star's long-term boyfriend, Nathan. 

The internet thought this was just one of Star's run-of-the-mill salty comebacks... until he tweeted the phrase "life's a drag" AGAIN, this time in all caps.

"LIFE'S A DRAG," he wrote. "Just kidding... it's actually beautiful and we can create our own destiny. Believe in yourself and don't let anyone stand in your way."

Followed by, "Isn't it crazy when you stay in your own lane and mind your business, people still wanna act slick and talk shit?"

"Remember those people are beneath you and dealing with their own demons. Smile and move on."

And, uh, it appears Star was definitely trying to get at something because Gutierrez's brand, Lunar Beauty, has filed a trademark for the product name Life's A Drag...

It's also filed a trademark claim for a highlighter named Moon Prism, by the way.

... Which coincides perfectly with the drag queens Gutierrez invited to star in his first Lunar Beauty product campaign.

Oh, and remember when his brother might've accidentally leaked the palette during that shoot?

The shades in that leaked palette match Lunar Beauty's first official teaser PERFECTLY.

THEREFORE, Lunar Beauty's first product is definitely an eye shadow palette named Life's A Drag — and Jeffree Star is the reason we can put all of these facts together.

photo: Giphy

Oh, and Star's and Gutierrez's friendship is definitely over. Or hey, maybe this is all one big ruse to sell products. As Star says, there's never a dull moment on the internet.

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