Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks are without a doubt his most popular and beloved creations — and they've just landed him a little bit of hot water.

Instagram user jessmakeup0114 just shared photos from multiple customers who have allegedly received moldy Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipsticks.

This follows similar claims that hair and ants have been present in Jeffree Star Cosmetics shipments.

She says the lipsticks came from Beauty Bay, one of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' official retailers.

“Just a few of the moldy lipsticks Beauty Bay have sent out this week,” she wrote.

She clarified in the comments that all these photos were taken by different people and posted to an unnamed private Facebook group.

The post's comments are flooded with other complaints against Beauty Bay regarding mold, damaged products, and refunds.

One user wrote, "i ordered a lipstick from @beautybaycom from jeffree’s collection and i had a problem as well, it wasn’t the right texture and there was hardly any of the lipstick in the tube. it seemed like it had evaporated yet they wouldn’t refund me or even acknowledge there was a problem with it"

Another said, "Ive had the same exact issue! Beautbay gave zero explanation and just gave me my money back without a reply"

Jess wrote that the issue at hand isn't directly Star's fault — but he should know what his customers claim to be experiencing.

In a statement provided to Revelist, Beauty Bay made it clear that its facilities and operations meet the highest standards of excellence. "Investigations are still ongoing with Jeffree Star, but we are confident that it has not been caused in any part by our operations," read a statement from Beauty Bay given to Revelist. "We can assure you that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and we would not knowingly send sub-standard products to customers. All products are tested and comply with EU Regulations. Returned products are returned to manufacturer; they are not sent out to customers, make up products are kept in a temperature controlled warehouse, and expired make-up is not sold."

A representative from Beauty Bay has provided the following statement from Tom Bird, chief customer officer of Beauty Bay.

"I would like to reassure you and your readers that all cosmetic products including those under the Jeffree Star brand sold at Beauty Bay are fully tested in-line with the EU Cosmetics Directive which includes both ingredients compliance and standards and ensures no animal testing. We have recently identified an isolated batch of products that appear to have been affected and as a precautionary measure we have immediately removed these items from sale whilst we investigate further. Any customers who believe they may have a faulty product should always get in touch with our team either @beautybayhelp or use the form at in this case we’re asking them to return the products to get to the root cause of what may have caused this issue.

Our customers experience is of paramount importance to me and the customer service team, and from your article I’m aware that there could possibly be other customers that could have been effected that we are unaware of including the closed Facebook group please could you ask any of these customers to contact me directly on So we can resolve their issues as quickly as possible."

Revelist has reached out to Jeffree Star Cosmetics for additional comment, and will update this post as we hear back.