Jeffree Star is worth many millions of dollars. And while he spends his massive wealth on things like Gucci clothes he never wears and a giant new mansion, he also has a philanthropic streak. This weekend, the makeup mogul donated cash to people dealing with financial hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Like all of us, Star has been cooped up at home.

On his Instagram stories, Star explained that he hasn't left his home due to California's lockdown order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom. He relayed to his followers that he tipped his food delivery driver $1,000 because he was so appreciative of the service.


This gave Star an idea. 

Star decided to host a giveaway on Twitter. Using the hashtag #JeffreeStarApproved, fans could tell their story and ask Star for financial assistance; he'd then select users and drop money directly into their CashApp accounts. The hashtag immediately started trending worldwide.


Star's donations started rolling in.

His first donation was to a pre-K teacher named Alicia Torres. She replied to his tweet writing that she was "out of work," ostensibly due to schools closing in effort to contain the virus. Star posted that he sent her $250.


He also sent money to a mom in need.

Another fan, Hailey, tweeted using the hashtag, asking for funds to her help her and her child. She wrote that being out of work will make it hard to buy her daughter, Harper Mae, "diapers and her meds." Harper Mae requires the use of a nebulizer. 

Star donated an unknown amount of money, adding that he is "praying for good health."


The next day, Star decided to give out even more money.

Star partnered with philanthropist Bill Pulte to give away $30,000. Anyone could enter to win just by following Star and Pulte on Twitter. They have not indicated who received the donation, but whoever it is, there is someone out there who is $30,000 richer.


Whatever your opinions are on Star...

... You must admit that this is an incredibly generous and impactful gesture. Right now, people are out of work, struggling, and dealing with the very real economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. While the Senate continues to debate cash assistance to American families, Star took it upon himself to send money to people in need — giving those folks the help they need right now.