If you're in touch with the world of beauty YouTube, then you already know about the infamous and never-ending friend breakup between vloggers Jeffree Star and Nikkie Tutorials, aka Nikkie De Jager.

Star confirmed the end of the friendship all the way back in April, and we assumed that was the end — but somehow this thing just keeps coming back up.

The latest round of drama started when Star uploaded a Pat McGrath lipstick review just one day after Nikkie reviewed the same collection.

Apparently, the internet noticed the two YouTubers used very similar video titles and believed Star was copying his former friend.

Star allegedly changed his video title after seeing Nikkie's, so now the two titles are "Best Matte Lipstick On Earth?" and "World's Best Lipsticks?" respectively.

Naturally, Star was NOT cool with that and went on an epic Snapchat rant to clear the air about the similar titles.

"OK, so the real tea is: I was going upload my video yesterday, but the Pat McGrath PR team told me I'm not allowed to upload the video until the 13th, so basically they let [Nikkie] upload hers first, which is very common," he said. "Which to me is so irrelevant because I don't care whether I review something 10 months after it comes out or two days after — this is not a competition, it's just... we're all reviewing the same shit. But it is a little annoying to be called a 'copier.'"

And Star raised a valid point: YouTubers in general use very similar video titles because they're trendy and attention-grabbing.

But he did get a little shady. Star pointed out that Nikkie has only used this specific title format twice in her entire YouTube career. Star's current best friend Laura Lee, on the other hand, was using it five months ago, and Star started using it three months ago.

So in a shade-not-shade way, Star appears to be saying, "I didn't copy Nikkie — but SHE copied someone else."

"So all I'm saying is: It's OK we all inspire each other, but don't try to come for me and say that I stole Nikkie's title when I didn't even know she uploaded the video because I have her blocked."

"I think some people get a little too upset by the word 'blocked' or — it's like, it's OK to be annoyed by someone or not friends with someone or you don't want to see them anymore, so you block them. It ain't that serious."

But then Star continued on the subject of his now-ended friendship with Nikkie, and things took a turn.

"So many of you are asking, 'Why aren't you guys friends anymore?' It really doesn't matter, I haven't seen her in months — my last au revoir was helping her out with the Too Faced drama because I'm the type of motherfucker where, even if I don't like you, I will expose the truth or help you out when I know you've been wronged."

"At the end of the day, I really don't think about her often. There's no drama; there's no negativity on my end; there's no hate. I really just don't care."

"And it's just not that deep."

BUT THEN! In a now-deleted snap, he says the reason Nikkie hasn't spoken out about HER side of their friend-breakup is that he has "dirt on everyone — they know to keep their mouths shut."

Oh shit.

Now THAT is a bold-ass statement... or threat, depending on how you look at it.

Who knows how much "dirt" Star has — and on who — considering he has a LONG list of former friends and current nemeses. At least one of these people he claims to have "dirt" on is likely Jackie Aina. After she criticized him, he blasted her with completely unverified accusations of tax fraud and other potential misinformation.

Wonder how Star's recent vow to quit internet drama completely is going?

This might be the reason he deleted the Snap where he lays claim to the "dirt" he has on "everyone" shortly after he uploaded it.

Really, though: Will this friendship — or ex-friendship — ever stop creeping back up on us all?

If Star doesn't keep exhuming it for the supposed sake of nosy viewers, probably not.

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