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Until 2017, Nikkie De Jager (better known as NikkieTutorials) and Jeffree Star were rapidly becoming beauty YouTube's most successful friend pairing. That is, until one day, they mysteriously stopped collaborating on videos, unfollowed each other on social media, and ceased speaking about each other altogether.

It would later come through the woodwork that their friendship had indeed ended, after Star leaked De Jager's infamous contract with his arch nemesis, Too Faced CCO Jerrod Blandino, to prove De Jager had been paid unfairly for a collaboration with the brand.

Since then, De Jager and Star's former friendship has been a lingering sore spot in the beauty vlogger community, but it appears it's finally beginning to heal.

As all YouTuber news does lately, this update is all thanks to that Manny MUA/Laura Lee/Nikita Dragun/Gabriel Zamora drama.

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You know, the offensive tweets from 2012 that Twitter resurfaced after all of Star's ex-friends shaded him publicly. Read all about that here.

Last week, each of Star's ex-friends has publicly apologized one by one to him for posting a photo intended to shade him. 

Star was not immediately pressed to respond, as he was busy hitting 10 million YouTube followers.

But then he did something awfully out of character ... he retweeted Nikkie De Jager.

Star and De Jager, mind you, haven't publicly interacted or followed each other on social media for almost one year now, if not longer.

That is, until now — De Jager and Star are 100 percent following each other on Twitter again.

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But not on Instagram... not yet, anyway.

YES. That's a surefire sign in the YouTube world that their friendship could be developing again.

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And trust me, the rest of Twitter is just as shook as you are.

How long have they been following each other? WHO KNOWS.

It couldn't have been long ago, as the beauty community sleuths would've caught it immediately.

When stuff like this happens, how is anyone supposed to know who is friends and who isn't?

Maybe Star and De Jager made up behind closed doors long ago, and we're just now seeing the evidence.

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Whatever's going on, it's huge. But don't expect it to last long — you know how beauty YouTube works.