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And here's some of his "comedy" in which he jokes about throwing battery acid in a black woman's face.

Choice quotes: "You say black folk cannot wear MAC Cosmetics, and then you splashed acid in her face."

"Well maybe if she wasn't wearing the wrong foundation color, I wouldn't have HAD to splash no battery acid to lighten her skintone, girl."

Jeffree, to his credit, did apologize for *this* video, which he says was "a huge mistake."

jeffree star apologies
photo: Jeffree Star / ONTD

Thanks to our wonderful followers on Eyeliner Addict for bringing this to our attention.

However. I think I speak for everyone when I say...

photo: Giphy

This is not OK.

Jeffree is big on saying that his past isn't perfect, but whose is? As if that's an excuse for virulent, hateful stuff like this.

Everyone does dumb stuff when they're young, that's true. NOT everyone's dumb stuff includes screaming racial abuse at people.

So there it is. Jeffree says he's so big on showing receipts? There are the receipts.

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