By now, you've all heard the story. Just this week, Jeffree Star revealed an allegation that his Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse in California was robbed of more than $2.5 million worth of his own cosmetics. He called the situation "mentally exhausting" and "insane and violating" on Twitter. 

If having so much of his own merchandise stolen from his warehouse wasn't already enough, someone who claims to be a fan of his got their hands on a batch of Magic Star concealer, which hadn't even been announced a the time. The "fan" attempted to illegally sell the unreleased product on Facebook Marketplace, which inadvertently leaked the product and sent the internet into a full-fledged frenzy.

Whoever is responsible for the break-in, Star believes it was a group of professionals. In his video detailing the robbery, he claims the criminals came in through the roof. They weren't cliché, fumbling burglars looking to make a quick buck. According to Star, they were trained thieves who saw the selling power of the Jeffree Star branding and intended to make their own living off it.

But as the internet is wont to do, it's collectively questioning whether this robbery is even real. Certain groups on Facebook and Twitter have good reason to believe Star made this entire thing up — but why? Watch the video below to get filled in.