Every day someone new is getting canceled. Whether it's our favorite musicians, actors, or influencers, the problematic behaviors of our faves are being called out now more than ever. Except if you're Jeffree Star, who even through scandals, infamous feuds, and blatant racism remains one of the highest-paid YouTubers with a fanbase that's completely unwavering. He's proven to be an anomaly of sorts. 

But a recent BuzzfFeed article is questioning all of that, and it's about time someone did. 

There's no question that Jeffree Star is problematic.

There's little to no room for discussion. It's a fact. Since he arrived in the beauty YouTubersphere, he has been completely unable to stay out the mess. Much of it is drama brought on by himself.

However, anytime he's called out, he denies, denies, deflecting onto others and bouncing back like nothing ever happened. However, in the age of Jaclyn Hill cancelations, James Charles losing 3 million subscribers, and Laura Lee's endorsements dropping like flies, Star has managed to remain unscathed. And a recent BuzzFeed article delved deeply into why that may be as well as details of his troubling past. 


One word. A word that Star, who's been documented on numerous occasions screaming racial slurs such as the n-word, is familiar with. And no, we're not referring to instances where he's singing along to songs — though that wouldn't make it any better — we're talking violent displays of rage and anger bridled in hatred and ignorance. Those attacks have spilled into the beauty community, where he's called Jackie Aina a "monkey" and directing violent threats at MakeupShayla. 

It's safe to say that he basically has no friends left in the industry. 

And much of it has to do with instances of him butting in again where he shouldn't. From Kat Von D, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun and that entire drama-filled group to Nikkie Tutorials and even the Kardashians, he has managed to crap on every industry relationship he has. 

But that's where Shane Dawson comes in. 

The BuzzFeed article analyzes how Star has used Dawson as a means to attempt to change his image.

Though must we mention that Dawson has a history of creating content in blackface and using the n-word profusely. However, when it comes to the mess, he's not even close to being as involved as Star. Dawson is milder in that regard, making him the perfect, balanced pick.

But as complaints roll in about the duo's palette, it's fair to wonder if the reaction will be anything like that of the one Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics received. 

"I wasn't going to post this but the hair ruined my eyeshadow pan. I was not expecting this from JSC @JeffreeStar @shanedawson Still going to use my palette regardless. I was just not expecting huge fibers in my palette. I'm shook. I still love y'all," said one fan whose reaction was much milder than that of the reactions toward those hairy lipsticks. And if everything happens to implode with this release, many feel supporters are getting what they deserve.

"This is EXACTLY what you should’ve expected and EXACTLY what you get for supporting racists. Support clowns expect a circus," someone responded. 

It's not every day that someone can be vile, racist, problematic, and push out crap product and get away with it, but everyone isn't Jeffree Star.