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He says the reason he spoke on Nikkie's Too Faced collab in the first place was "to make a statement so the audience has a taste as to WHY her palette was so shitty."

The full statement reads as follows:

"Everything nowadays calls everything 'shady' when it comes to honesty. Her and I are no longer friends. You can confirm that. But I still respect her hustle, and I watched first-hand how they abused her and know how much she got paid. It's embarrassing. I think anyone else BUT me would be scared to mention the contract. I did it to make a statement and so the audience has a taste as to WHY her palette was so shitty. She approved something, and what was produced was not the same quality."


Neither Too Faced Cosmetics nor Jerrod Blandino have made official statements regarding Jeffree Star or any facet of Nikkie's contract.

Blandino has, however, been caught liking and responding to Instagram comments that shade Jeffree and defend him.

And it doesn't appear that Star is going to stop until this whole thing is settled.

Our worlds are about to be flooded with tea. Hot, HOT tea.

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Are you ready for it?

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