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If you think these weed grinders look familiar, you're not imagining things: They were first created as a personal gift from Star to his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt.

"Made this pink metal grinder for Nate but he says I gotta produce them for everyone! Thoughts?" he shared with his Twitter fans in January 2018.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics fanatics immediately freaked out and agreed with Nathan about needing their own, STAT.

"Oh my god I love it so much. You should make a whole line. You could do lighters, papers, filters, rolling trays, and grinders," one fan shared with Star.

"Yes!!! Please!!!! Jeffree Star smoking products. Sign me up," another wrote.

Now Star is satisfying his bae *and* the masses with these pretty, pink grinders. 

"We love a smoking queen," he wrote on Twitter. "This Saturday is gonna be lit..." 

I smell a totally new line of business for Jeffree Star and his empire.

photo: Giphy

Based on the demand from his beauty fans *and* how quickly he was able to turn around this new pink product, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is on to something really special here if these grinders sell well. 

The limited-edition grinders drop on April 14, so grab 'em while they're in stock and stay tuned for more details on upcoming Jeffree Star Cosmetics releases — beauty-related or otherwise.

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