Is there anything YouTube comedian Jenna Marbles can't do? Judging by her latest video, no. The insanely hilarious woman just posted the most outrageous makeup tutorial that only the bravest and most dedicated of makeup lovers will be ready to try. In 15 minutes of head-scratching, gut-punching hilarity, Marbles morphed into a human disco ball right in front of our eyes. 

With her dogs and boyfriend Julian in tow, Jenna delivered what we're daring to say is the most comical performance of her career. Don't believe us? Check out the must-see video ahead. 

Jenna Marbles has done it again. 

The comedian who's been making us laugh uncontrollably for about a decade is back again with another video filled with more hilarity, more absurdity, and even more moments that'll leave you wondering how one person could be so dang witty. 

But this time, she's not filming a hilarious vlog or internet challenge. 

We're so used to seeing Jenna give us play-by-plays of her day-to-day life with her boyfriend or delivering entertaining podcast content that we almost forgot just how multi-faceted she is. But just when we thought we knew everything we could about the funny woman, she surprised us again with something completely unexpected.

She delivered a beauty tutorial only the genius comedian herself could pull off. 

And no, it wasn't for an elaborate cut-crease or even some homemade skin care, because to Jenna that's just not insane enough. Instead, she spent her Fourth of July weekend turning herself into a human disco ball. 

Yep, you read that right. A human disco ball. 

With some silver paint and lots of lash glue, Jenna transformed. 

And by a lot, we mean a lot. So much so that Jenna had to rely on the help of a Julian to assist in completely covering her whole head. 

"You can't just lay these anywhere, they have to be perfect," she said as she coated her face and head with lash glue and adhered hundreds of silvery, square reflective jewels. 

And of course, it was just as funny to watch as we all expected. 

The only thing more funny than watching her inundate herself in a first grade-level arts and crafts project was hearing her describe the experience. 

"Ah, oh they're sharp... Boy do you see art? Hi i'm Daft, and i'm Punk, and you're watching Property Brothers," she joked randomly about her newly adorned face. 

The end result? 

"This Independence Day; we need to remember what Will Smith did for this country by watching Independence Day," she hilariously said while struggling to move her mouth through the stiff, pointy, and as she described, uncomfortable coating of jewels lining her face and head. And forget striking a sexy pose — this look of confusion and inability to move is all we got from Jenna.

Finally, she took the human disco ball for a spin in the light of the summer sun. 

With her dogs looking on in extreme confusion, Jenna took her talents outside to see if the lights would hit her face the way they would a real disco ball. And it was a success! Wearing a full-body green-screen jumpsuit, she superimposed herself in scenes from all over the world. 

Check out the hilarity by watching the full video for yourself, you won't regret it.