Well, folks, Mercury retrograde is over, and Jenna Marbles just posted a new YouTube video. Life can't get any better, right? And as expected, it's a completely out-of-the-box beauty tutorial that will both teach you something and leave you hunched over in laughter. 

Ahead, check out how you can get a face-lift at home without any knives or downtime, displayed in a way that only Marbles can.

Marbles was inspired by makeup artist to the stars Hrush Achemyan, who always seems to have the perfect brow arches.  

You know the arch that all the celebs have? That Kim K/J. Lo seductive brow that reaches sky-high and makes for the most incredible selfies and side-profile pics? Well, Achemyan is never without that look, and she revealed her secret to giving her famous clients that same appeal.

And while some assumed it was the result of fillers — which really wouldn't be a surprise in Hollywood — we recently found out that it was tape we had to thank. 

Yep, tape. She posted to her YouTube a video showing off how she keeps an Oscar-worthy brow on herself and clients, and it all comes from an old trick out of the drag queen book. The method that the community has been using for years has been modernized with a contraption that offers the same results. 

Of course, Marbles had to give it a try.

Because any unconventional beauty craze wouldn't be right without a Marbles rendition. With her longtime boyfriend Julien Solomita not far behind, Marbles tried out the look. And while, unfortunately, the arch didn't come out quite like Achemyan's, it surely was hilarious. Next she tried it on Solomita, who looked fierce following application.  

The entire sets are everywhere.

You don't have to look far to find face-lift tape. Take this Mark Traynor Temporary Face Lift kit that's been around now for 50 years. For just $18, you can have that Kim K arch without breaking the bank or going under the knife. 

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But don't go too far. 

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Everything in moderation, folks. The last thing you want to do is end up looking like the cat lady.