TGIF everybody! We're planning our weekends, looking forward to clocking out for that happy hour, and thinking about what to do with our hair. And if you're anything like me, you're planning on a beachy, effortless wave to slay through the end of the week; if you're anything like Jenna Marbles, you'd rather turn your tresses into a race car track. That's exactly what she did in her latest video, and everyone is in tears about it. 

Ahead, check out yet another outlandish beauty tutorial that's completely out of the ordinary. 

Jenna Marbles has done it again everyone. 

Whenever we need a daily dose of laughs and beauty that doesn't include the typical dramatic eye look, we turn to Marbles. From turning herself into a disco ball to ramen noodle nails, nothing she ever does is ordinary. And she proved that once more when she decided to turn her hair into an actual race car track. 

It involved a lot of stronghold hairspray, a blow-dryer, and tons of patience. 

Using her own hair, Marbles drenched it in some of the strongest hairspray beauty has to offer. She formed the hair into a ramp shape and used a blow dryer to set it all. Of course, she had lots of help from her longtime boyfriend Julien Solomita, who held the hair in place while she sculpted the style.  

It worked!

Not only did the hair fall in place, but the tiny race car actually flew. Marbles and Solomita understandably lost it, running around the house in laughter and shock and screaming in complete disbelief. And I have to admit, I was just as excited as they were!

Wanna try it for yourself? This is the exact spray that can get you race car hair as well. 

photo: Got2b

This Got 2b Blasting Freeze Spray is the long-wear hairspray that literally kept Marbles' hair glued into place. With a lot of this, your hair won't move for days. 

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And of course, a race car. 

The trick wouldn't be complete without a car, so here you have a full set of toy cars to truly bring out your inner Marbles in the easiest way possible. Happy racing! 

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