If you've been on social media lately, chances are you've seen ramen noodles being put to use for everything except consumption. Somehow people have discovered that the favorite meal of college students has more than one use, and the results have been mind-blowing. Across the country, people have been repairing a slew of household products and even cars with the noodles, and it's got everyone simply wondering: How? 

So of course comedian and YouTuber Jenna Marbles had to get in on the fun. Except it wasn't a sink repair she took for a spin; instead it was a manicure. What resulted is equally gross and intriguing and will leave you maybe even considering it for yourself. 

Just a week after turning herself into a human disco ball, Jenna Marbles tried another insane beauty tutorial. 

This time she used an unexpected food to create her own kind of unconventional DIY nail look. After what she said have been hundreds of tags and requests for her to do the #RamenChallenge, she opted to try a manicure rather than an at-home appliance or car repair as most of us have seen. 

To do so, she first had to crush up literal ramen noodles. 

"My mom, who usually has low tolerance for even mildly quirky YouTubers (she thinks Safiya is unwatchable), loves Jenna because 'that girl is good to her dogs,'" a commenter said of the video in a Reddit thread

And when she couldn't get the noodles ground finely enough, she enlisted some help from a familiar face.

If there's anyone who consistently indulges Jenna's nonsense, it's her longtime boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Julien Solomita. So when she had trouble grinding down the noodles to the finely milled consistency that imitates acrylic nail powder, he was right there to help.

After first applying a synthetic nail tip, Jenna coated it in nail glue and dipped into the ramen powder. 

Just like someone would at the nail salon, she first applied a faux tip to add some length to her naturally short nails. Then she applied a thick layer of glue across the bed and dipped her nail into the ramen as if she was using real nail powder, but we all know that wasn't quite the case. 

"Wow I really want some ramen for lunch now," someone wrote in the Reddit thread. Though we must say, we feel quite the opposite. 

And we can't lie, it looked really gross at first.

The idea of food on nails is already unsettling, and seeing it up close confirmed those feelings. Considering the noodles were completely milled to the consistency of acrylic powder, the resulting look was thick and well.. crumby. 


But surprisingly, after a little buff and file, it appeared that the newly discovered multipurpose food may have worked. 

After an aggressive buffing and filing session, Jenna said the nail was actually comfortable and felt better on her finger than acrylics ever had. Has the YouTuber unlocked the newest nail trend? For now we'll pass, but if times get desperate, we know we can turn to the noodles. 

"Would the ramen be more environmentally friendly? Lol," someone asked in the video comments, making a great point.  

The finished product actually left Jenna pleased. 

And boy, did she hate it. Expecting the entire project to be a disaster, Jenna was unpleasantly surprised at how much she liked her ramen nails. She finished the look with fellow YouTuber Cristine Rotenberg's (SimplyNailogical) new nail polishes, and fans were loving the color selection. 

You've done it again, Jenna. We don't know how, but you've done it.