Jennifer Lopez has long been adored for her ability to serve gorgeous looks right alongside her fun music. From her hair to her clothes, Jenny from the Block knows how to slay.

Now, rumors are swirling that she's about to drop makeup to help her fans get her J.Lo glow — and no, we aren't talking about the floral-scented perfume.

The beauty tea was spilled by Jennifer Lopez's longtime makeup artist, Scott Barnes after he shared this photo of Jennifer Lopez looking bomb per usual.  

J.Lo looks like a fierce angel in this photo but don't be fooled — she doesn't care about your edges or mine. That's why she's coming for them so hard with this snatched, bronzed look.

Fans immediately wanted to know what Jennifer Lopez was wearing to achieve such a lovely glow, and Scott Barnes revealed Jennifer Lopez is dropping AT LEAST one makeup product for the people.

"I’m using a bronzer that @Jlo is making," he wrote back to an inquiring makeup artist. "It's pretty amazing!! Shhh."

Barnes' J.Lo makeup news immediately had fans SHOOK.

photo: Giphy
Jennifer Lopez entering the makeup world is a complete blessing!

J.Lo fans have been hoping she would drop cosmetics forever.

"I've been saying for years that @jlo should come out with a makeup line," one fan wrote. 

"I hope this might be true one day soon. @Jlo I know you are super busy and have your plate full with all your business dealings and projects, but the makeup line would be EPIC! Just sayin'." 

While no further details have been shared about when this bronzer will drop, how much it will cost, or if more J.Lo makeup comes with it — fans are already considering their coins SPENT. 

"Omg jlo bronzer?" one fan asked. "Take all my money @jlo." 

Here's an exclusive image of Jennifer Lopez lovers waiting on more details about her new bronzer.

photo: Giphy

We're ready for the bronzer glow whenever you are J.Lo!

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