Jhene Aiko Kat Von D Beauty
photo: Instagram/Kat Von D Beauty

The wait is over folks! Kat Von D Beauty's highly anticipated foundation is finally here and it comes in 40 diverse shades. The announcement was made yesterday via the brand's Instagram, and fans haven't been able to stop talking about that mesmerizing packaging since. And along with the launch debut, KVD also revealed the unexpected face of the complexion launch, Jhené Aiko. 

However, in an announcement that many would assume would be cause for excitement, several of the songstress's fans aren't happy about her decision to join forces with the sometimes controversial brand. Check out the reactions ahead. 

Jhené Aiko is the poster girl for beautiful skin. 

The soulful singer, whose tunes have the ability to transport us all to another universe, also has the skin of an angel to match. With barely any blemish in sight and a glow that's frankly indescribable, she's proven herself to be #skingoals time and time again. 

And Kat Von D Beauty has long been the poster brand for flawless makeup. 

And finally, its long-awaited foundation has made its debut. "Our most-requested product is here! Meet the NEW True Portrait Lightweight Medium Coverage Foundation available in 40 long-wear vegan shades. #TruePortraitFoundation contains Elastic Essence Effect that flexes with all your expressions," the makeup powerhouse announced on its Instagram.

However, a collaboration between the two forces was completely unexpected.

In an unforseen partnership, Aiko has been named the face of the brand's most recent launch. "Excited to announce that I am the global face of the new @KatVonDBeauty Vegan True Portrait Lightweight Medium Coverage Foundation. It's liquid to powder & a new fav. I’m shade Tan 060, and love the formula — it feels like vegan silk," she wrote on her social media. 

She revealed that she's a longtime fan of KVD Beauty. 

"I’ve been using @katvondbeauty products for years (the Shade and Light Palette is a contour go-to for me). So it made total sense for me to partner with this amazing vegan and #crueltyfree brand of animal lovers. I love the formula. Can't wait for you to get your hands (and face) on it! 40 vegan shades that don’t clog pores. It moves with, stays with and is true to you," the crooner said. 

However, the announcement hasn't come with just positive feedback. 

Von D's somewhat controversial past is no secret, and many Aiko fans are confused by the singer's decision to join the brand for the makeup reveal. "Why did @JheneAiko align herself with Kat Von D?? I do not get it...," someone wrote on Twitter. 

And while rumors swirled that she may have turned off her Instagram comments to combat the backlash, those rumors appear to be untrue. 

"I’ve been following her for a while and she has comments turned off for most of her pictures. She did that around the time her and Big Sean broke up because people wouldn’t stop leaving rude comments. That aside, I highly doubt she knows about KVD because she isn’t super into the beauty community even though she does like makeup," someone noted on Reddit

Aiko has yet to respond to any of the criticism. 

Instead, the star has continued to post in support of KVD Beauty and its long-awaited launch, encouraging all of her fans to go out and find their perfect match. We'll see how this plays out!