If you've always dreamed of having naturally long nails, you know there is no shortage of ludicrous hacks on the internet for light speed nail growth.

Like putting garlic in nail polish, or soaking your hands in olive oil and lemon juice, or taking six different supplements...

But nail vloggers and experts have a much simpler solution to short, weak nails: jojoba oil and patience.

That's right — a common oil you can buy for $10 on the internet is the secret to quick growth and indestructible nails. Here's why:

jojoba oil
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Pure jojoba ($10, Amazon) is the closest oil to that of human skin's. Scientifically speaking, it has the smallest molecules, making it easy for the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin to absorb it deeply and stay hydrated. 

The better hydrated the cuticles, the softer the nail. The softer the nail, the less likely it is to break. The less the nail breaks and peels, the quicker it grows.

Simple, right?

But as YouTuber SimplyNailogical points out, your nail growth is probably being prevented by some of your common habits. Nix those and your nails will grow in no time.

First of all, put that nail buffer down — it's just eating away the top layers of your nail. Be careful when opening cans and pushing buttons; Make sure to paint the nail all the way to the tip when wearing nail polish, and be wary of post-shower nails because they're super susceptible to breakage.

Her secret? Carry around a DIY Jojoba pen everywhere you go — and use that shit as much as you can.

You can watch her extremely easy step-by-step in the video linked above.

So there you have it. Drop that 10 bucks and prepare to have your life changed.

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Because time and hydration can fix literally anything.