Nyma Tang has grown into a huge YouTube star by encouraging brands to expand their foundation ranges in her The Darkest Shade series. Now her career is blossoming — she just scored her first sponsored beauty video — but she's definitely not done holding companies accountable for excluding deeper-complected customers.

Issa mission, folks.

When Jouer Cosmetics unveiled its new foundation line, Tang couldn't help but share her disbelief at the faux variety the brand tried to pass off as a shade "range."

"Had to lay them all out to make sure I was seeing this correctly," she captioned this photo.

It's clear as day that only TWO of these 17 shades could even remotely pass as "deep."

"Apparently the last five shades are dark/deep and the skipping was too real!!" Tang also tweeted.

And there isn't a single shade that would match Tang.

Or me. Or many people of color, for that matter. It feels as if Jouer only cares for those on the lighter side of the melanin spectrum.

Tang's fans and other beauty influencers also couldn't believe the disrespectful shade range.

Others are shocked makeup companies are still making mistakes that other brands have gotten severe backlash for.

Another important question raised: Why send a PR package to a beauty influencer who won't even be able to use the product?

As it always does, Jouer's proximity to Jeffree Star — known for his past regarding racism — came up, too.

Meanwhile, Fenty Beauty is still being worshipped for its inclusive shade ranges and can't keep its darkest shades in stock.

So what's up, Jouer Cosmetics?

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For the love of Fenty Beauty, get it together, beauty brands. It's plain unprofessional to come to work so unprepared.

At this point, foundation ranges that look like Jouer Cosmetics' are unacceptable — and, as someone pointed out, willfully ignorant.